A Week of Listening – By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


A Week of Listening


We’ve had a great week of talks and I’ve picked up some great nuggets of wisdom; some from visiting mentor, some from fantastic speakers at Silicon Beached and some from my peers. Here are a few I thought I’d share.

Be a Geek – be an Ad geek, geek out over things you like, geek out if it’s important to you and step up your knowledge.

Remember to do the opposite.

Change perceptions of everyday things and show their beauty or marvel in them.

Leave everything better than how you found it.

You can beat up the enemy or love thy neighbour, whichever works best.

Aero is really big in Japan.

There’s a lack of racial, cultural and gender diversity in our industry but people respond best to how you’re building the solution, as opposed to further expression of the problem.

“I hire people based on their potential, not necessarily on their actual book…I’d say 70% on their potential and 30% on their book. Because at the end of the day I know your work will get better but I’d want to know that I can work with you…” Thea Hamrén, ACD at Mr. President (paraphrased).

There are sixteen year olds, you probably pass everyday in the street, that are sparking revolution. Don’t ever think your job is safe. ND – Creativity is just about the only thing robots can’t really comprehend, so compared to everyone else…we’re pretty safe.

MT Rainey has some amazing stories to tell. For a woman who has done so much, she’s so humble and was really open to sharing her stories with us. I guess the greatest people really are the most generous ones.

Time is sweeping past – try not to let this stress you out too much. Previous intakes have said they wished they weren’t as serious during their time at the school, so have as much fun with it all as possible.

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