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It’s now been 2 weeks that lockdown ended in France. Two weeks that we can slowly get back to a more usual life, and even if we can still feel the impacts of the pandemic, it’s nice to be able, a least, to go out without any restrictions. No more attestations, no need a valid reason to drive away or go for a walk in the city. It’s just liberating.

The night after the president announced the end of the isolation, and allowed the gathering of ten people at the same time, we decided with some friends to organize a big barbecue to celebrate. We were all really conscious of the restriction, and for the past two months pretty much isolated from everyone except our parents. So the moment I left my house driving to my best friend’s place I felt really excited to go talk, see and share stuff with people I haven’t seen in what seemed ages, after a long solitary period. And even without any interesting story to tell I was sure to enjoy the night and happy to know that from now on, hopefully, things will get better and better day by day. After all the excitement passed, I had a moment of lucidity and realise that it was actually weird to go back to normal. People talked a lot about what isolation changed in their life, but at this moment I was feeling weird to just drive in the small roads to go meet a bunch of people around a nice meal. Surely when I get there, all concerns or negative thoughts stayed quietly in the car as I was getting too drunk too quickly, drinking some Ricard at a rhythm I wasn’t used to anymore. The night was great, the food was good, and the discussions not impaired by the isolation. When I woke up the next morning, even a bit fuzzy from the night, I felt more aware, sharper. All those discussions, this human contact is essential for me to stay alert.

So after going through the week, trying to focus on the work as life started to explode again in Lyon, it was time to go away from our respective den. With three of my friends, we rent a small typical chalet in the Alpes, at 109km to avoid any trouble with the police, and drive there early in the morning as we like to do when we go on holiday. Nothing better to hit the road when the sun just shows up, enjoying the gradient nuances in the sky. Very few people had the same idea so it’ll be even quicker to get there. When we finally reach our destination, the weather up in the mountain is terrible, a thick fog surrounds us and we can’t see more than 2 meters before us, no view for the day. But besides this slight disenchantment, we’re all relieved to be here, away from our house that became a too familiar environment lately. And up here in the mountain, looking at the wood slowly burning in the chimney, in this cozy place, with a very good friend I can’t help thinking that things definitely haven’t changed much. 

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