Time for The Last Dance

georgia horrocks






By @G_Horrocks


As aspiring Adpeople we have to reflect upon the society that we wish to imitate and communicate with. It is – at least partially – because of this, that racial and gender politics are at the forefront of my consciousness. However, we do often take for granted the highly politicised landscape of Time.


It seems inevitable that I would turn to the old cliche that, in such a consumer-oriented, capitalist society, time is money. But it is undeniably true, and anyone who disagrees must not have experienced the rat race that is London’s Rush Hour.


Most importantly, to be late is to disrespect someone else’s time. I suppose the insinuation is that your time is prioritised over that of the those which you have wasted.


Within the community of SCA to be late is to suffer. The punishment of dancing, however desexualised, in front of one’s peers, is humiliating as I have learnt first hand. I’m beginning to think it is so humiliating that, if ever late again, I would simply return home. Many people have confirmed they would do the same. It is for this reason that I think the punishment is ineffective and outdated.


This isn’t a call to arms; it’s imply an observation. And I don’t doubt that I’d feel differently if I’d been blessed with the confidence and natural rhythm of Beyonce.


There is one more observation, one I’m sure Marc has had to contemplate recently, Mojo’s performances are a tough act to follow! I’m certainly glad that it doesn’t fall to me to capture everyone’s attention after those fluid moves…

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