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Laura Magee

By Laura Magee



Today Marc told us that there was one thing we keep forgetting to ask. 
Kids always ask why. When we grow up we forget. Maybe we’ve grown up. But do we ever really grow up? Are we just afraid?  Afraid of looking stupid? 
There’s so many things that we do everyday, yet never question ourselves why we do it. That’s where lots of lovely insights lie.
It’s a really important question, as simple as it might seem. 
Just think, if Steve Jobs hadn’t asked why do computers need to look the same boring shape.. maybe Apple wouldn’t have been born. Maybe if Coco Channel hadn’t questioned why women’s dresses need to have a defined waist, fashion may not have transformed as much as it has. And maybe if we hadn’t thought ‘Why don’t we apply to SCA?’ we might not even be here.
I think we should always try and aim to remain curious. Have a hunger for curiosity. And never lose it. Keep asking why.
We all got told at the start of the year we should ask why at least 4 times. 
Sometimes when you ask it yourself, you realise that your response is often created from the many conforming thoughts we are brought up by. 
Teachers in school tell us that we shouldn’t ask why, they have no sufficient reason to offer and we should just except that that’s that. our parents tell us ‘just because’. Some many questions are left unanswered and we never strive to get a full answer. Some things are unanswerable. Or are they?
When we have amazing talks I get stuck thinking a of a good question to ask. ‘Why’ doesn’t always seem to work. But it’s a good starting point. 
I’ll leave you with a quote from good old Albert. The genius.
“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” Albert Einstein

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