If I was a pair of Marc Lewis trousers I’d look like… – By KRAK intake 2019/20

By KRAK intake 2019/20



If I was a pair of Marc Lewis trousers I’d look like… 


Pierre: Coca-cola energy. 


Alice: Mustard yellow trackies with glittery rainbow stripes down the side and embellished with pearls and diamantés. Would say “Juicy” on the butt. 


Gigi: I personally find flares very flattering so I’ll go with a pair of those in a stretchy black fabric. There will of course be mini diamantes covering the whole legs and some flames at the bottom just for a bit of extra pzazz. Not sure if Marc is cool enough to pull these off or if will balance his apple body shape correctly. 


Tommy: Beautiful silk harem pants with a hand drawn Escher print. Where does one leg begin and the other end, who knows? 


Munraj: The thong he wears underneath. 


Alfie: I boycott all future scabs until group scab 5 and 6 are published.


Oliver: Skin-colored to send people into shock for half a second. 


Ivan: Cut off jean short shorts.


Phillip: Ditto.


Elle: Crushed velvet in purple.


Elisa: Black shiny leather ones. Trendy.


Isabelle: The Alexander Mcqueen Bumster


Alex: $1000000


Leanne: Black And Blue Tartan. Faux-pixelated 


Carly: Leopard print trackies with a fleece lining


Eva: In little pieces because I would cut myself if I were a pair of Marc’s jeans. 


Katie: ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo/Walter/Charlie/Holger’ (depending on where you’re from) trousers. Every time they’re washed a new Wally would appear somewhere to be found. 


Holly: I think Marc deserves a little treat for all the hard work he’s put in. So for his trousers I’d give him a little something special. Picture a silver thread  base, crocheted into an intricate pattern. They’d be high waisted of course, tight at the top and loose at the bottom. Sewn into the thread pattern and across the entirety of the trousers would be round diamonds ready to glisten on the dance floor when Marc boogies the night away. 


Now these trousers will be worth a pretty penny and we can all do with some spare cash every now and again. So sell em, wear em, deconstruct them and turn them into jewelry that you auction for millions for all I care. There yours so do you.  

Ps your welcome in advance. 


Marley: Floral and high-waisted. Granny-chic.


Camila: Everything but something plain. 


Matt: Red Deer by Peter Doig. Apocalyptic christmas card

Sam: Satin. That shit comfy.


Luce : simple black pair of trousers with written in big white helvetica “ BLACK TROUSER “


Chloë: Made of itchy material and a couple sizes too small so I could stay in the wardrobe.


Aaron: Constantly asking for validation.


Charlie: Any design with a cap on it.


Ellie: Orange velvet flares. Can’t believe he stole my look but what can you do. 


Maëva: A Krak pants will be made


Lawrence: Collage of all our faces.


Rolly: Invisible at times. Can cause embarrassment, but why not to break the ice? 


Bast: I’ll have this group SCAB printed on.


David: A white trouser with black lightning all around. And with a few holes.


DJ: Marcs trousers must: 


Have at least 4 colours.


Make the local pub regulars uncomfortable.


Make you remember the last time you did dmt and therefore make you question reality.

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