A message to all my partners and the future cohort – By @Aaron_Furman1

A message to all my partners and the future cohort

Over the of the year, I’ve probably been the poster boy of chopping and changing partnerships. I definitely would recommend doing brief stints with as many people as possible. Although I haven’t been as stable compared to the teams who’ve been together since term 1, I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and gained different perspectives on creative work. 

Charlie the 1st 

His mind is bound by the limitations of his infinite imagination. Charlie wanted to push the boundaries of social normalities and burst through any preconceptions. He wanted to do good with his work and so did I. Our discussions would soar past the planet and then focus on the minute details of an ant farm. It was truly bonkers working together but we knew it wasn’t right at the time. We were premature creatives and we had yet to discover our unique voices. So we broke up.

Munraj the 2nd

During term 1, we both came up with a wicked campaign for Rwanda. This man can work, he has a relentless effort that never diminishes. His thirst for improvement will mean crafting all night. HE NEVER SLEEPS! Munraj taught me persistence and an unwavering eye for perfection. We broke up because I was in a dark place and I didn’t see my value as a creative (a very common symptom of the course). 


After speaking with Marc about my breakdown, we came up with a strategy to put me on the right track. This involved a brief stint as a single. I would recommend doing this at some point on the course. I learnt many lessons about myself and my work. I became confident as a creative and managed to get over 70% on a bookstore. You have to believe you are the magic ingredient and when it was time to partner up again, it’s not a one-sided partnership. You are great and both your skills should add up to three.

Lawrence the 3rd

One of the nicest guys around, he’s the literal personification of zen. I learnt the strength that balance brings to your work. Panicking about the past is a pointless effort on one’s energy. We departed on amicable terms and he found the perfect partner in Holly. 

Jay (D&AD) the 4th

We had a fantastic stint as a creative duo and we won a yellow pencil to boot. His voice can contend with Attenborough himself. His endless well of thought is always easy to follow. The meticulous detail he brings to all aspects of the process is commendable. Nuff said.

Lauren the 5th

One of the best creatives and art directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s an alumnus who returned and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I learnt to see the world in a completely different way. A more observant, thoughtful, and focused outlook. I will emulate this for days to come. We split because Australia was calling.

Charlie the 1st 

“Hello again”, I said in a voice now discovered. My journey had been long, arduous, and emotional but worth every campaign to reach this point. We are back together, with a wealth of experience and the confidence to solve any brief. He has a philosophy, that everything in life comes full circle, and he wasn’t wrong. 

In a nutshell

Everything has a way of working itself out. The course will be the hardest learning curve you’ll experience. It’s harder than school, university, or any philosophical argument with a stoner. It will test every aspect of your life and leave you with nothing. Only then, can you rebuild the world around you and that’s done with the great people you have the opportunity to work with. 


Have fun with your partner!

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