A NO can get you further – By @AsforAlex

By Alexandra Sims



A NO can get you further


We’ve all heard stories of the people who are told they’ll amount to nothing, that go on to make millions, the drop outs, the defiers-of-odds who run when they’ll never walk again, even the SCA-ers who don’t stop at not being accepted into the school.

At an interview day this week we were asked what we think ‘it’ is that got us into SCA. It was a great question and a tough one to answer with something more than the usual go-to responses. The answers we gave were that Marc saw potential in us, we worked hard, we showed some talent or we were interesting or different… Now that I’ve had more time to consider the possibilities, I think it’s that we don’t take things at face value.  

On the course we’re taught to find a new perspective or something different to be said about a brand or product. If we’re selling a car we don’t stop at saying it comes in silver and looks quite nice, we push the feeling you get from driving it, from owning it, the type of person it makes you. But I’m sure before we even got here we were already doing this to an extent, generally looking for more in our lives and the passions we pursue.  The quality we share is how we learn from being told no or we can’t, it’s how we choose to counter it. When a wall is put up we find a way around it and now we black hat ideas to tell ourselves no and then we’ll switch to green and find how to fix it.

We are a driven combination of the no’s that got us here. What if I had gone beyond top 20 and been given an internship at that agency? What if I got a chance at one of the many roles I applied for that are no longer on my radar? What if I did get to be an office junior and not a copywriter? What if I stopped at no and stayed where I was?  I wouldn’t be here.

I think a lot of us have struggled at some point this term with not trusting our gut and wasting time on deliberating when we used to take a no and run with it, to show how far we could actually go with it. As Marc said, the stabilisers are off and we know how to do things now so as the pressure mounts for books and placements we should remember what got us all here, the resilience to being told what we can’t make happen, beating odds and not accepting no when it comes to achieving what we set out to do.

So when we’re told we’re not ready for an Easter placement, well, now you know what I think of that.

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