New Year BS resolutions – By @sperfys

Federica Martini

By Federica Martini


New Year BS resolutions


DISCLAIMER: nothing particularly original has been written on this scab.

I guess my first scab of the year should be about my 2016 resolution, the first one is for sure about being honest with myself and admit that I’ll keep on doing the same silly things I always did, “New Year New Life” B***S***!
And you know what? It works, I did’t put any pressure on myself and things are going exactly the right way.

Energies are back, positivity is all around me and nice ideas are floating in my head, want more?
waking up in the morning with that weird feeling you usually feel when you’ve just fell in love with someone, and I did’t, even better cause i don’t risk to be rejected.

Maybe it’s just that feeling that tells you that you are doing the right thing, and at the moment I could’t feel more proud of myself, I have been through a lot recently, big decisions, big sacrifices, deep stress and huge risks…but I did it! There’s nothing better than feeling confident, I’ll always be fine whatever happens cause I know what I want, and whatever it takes to get there, I’m ready.

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