WE WILL ROCK YOU – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski




I decided to write this scab on a movie I was taken to see, not by choice. It is called “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I am writing this 30 minutes after the film ended, I opened my laptop as soon as I got home. I’m still so touched, amazed, and especially, stunned!


How could I have been so hesitant to see this movie?


I’m the kind of person who goes to the cinema just to watch films that my friends are dying to see, even if I don’t know anything about it. I’m that kind of friend who can accompany you to see the “part 2” of a movie whilst knowing nothing about the first part. I am more of an accompanier than a watcher. I do not remember a film gripping me as much as the one I saw tonight. Maybe because it pulled on my emotional heart strings more than any other film has.

I do however like going to watch horror movies in the cinema, just to feel the fear more intensely than at home sitting on the couch. I like being immersed.

So yes, I’ll start explaining you why I’m still impressed by this movie.

First, because I feel so stupid to have said to my mother “But why are we going see this, I know nothing about this group, yes I know some of their songs, but I do not want to sit through a whole film about them.”


I WAS WRONG! This is not the kind of movie I like to watch usually, but I came to prefer it to what I usually watch!

It’s the Freddie Mercury’s story, from his beginning to the “life aid” concert at Wembley Stadium. I do not know if the story touched me so much because a part of my first portfolio brief was focused on Wembley stadium, I do not know, but everything in the film spoke to me. I felt that everything that happened in this movie made me want to surpass myself, like the group did, the desire to always do more, to go further and further. I am currently listening to “I Want to break free”, how can I not be motivated?


Since watching the Titanic when I was 9 years old, I hadn’t shed a tear for a movie, I must admit that tonight, the emotion was there.


I didn’t know anything about the band’s story, but I think I’m not the only one. Freddie Mercury had only one dream in his teens, to do what he loves; music. Judged for his physique, everyone underestimated his talent. He was the type to go to a pub listening to bands singing, music was what he loved more than anything. After the end of a concert, he decides to go see the singers, it was his lucky night as they needed a new member!

And this is where everything began! His voice pleases, but especially his character, atypical, original, really extraordinary! The songs are rocking, he wants more, but what touched me the most is this passion that he has for music.

To wake up every morning with the desire to create, to produce an art. I think it touched me because I am also this passionate person who thirsts for more, who wants to outdo herself and give the best of herself. And this film is an example that it is possible.


What an idea to introduce opera into their rock’n roll songs. What an idea to be dressed in an extravagant outfit? But I want to say: why not? Everything is in the idea of being a character, of knowing how to stand up and always be motivated. So yes, of course, in the movie, we see dozens debauchery’s scenes, drugs, sex, but especially ROCK N ‘ROLL!

The band was so well-known that all agents wanted Freddie Mercury for them! He was the star, not the others. And then he quickly realized that a career all by itself, it’s nothing! The family, the family he has made, they don’t want to leave him. It’s so good to find someone to trust and to work with, and I hope to find my partner this year that I could count on, to push more, to work and work with passion. There are so many scenes in which I recognized myself, wake up with passion, work with love of ART, and do it until we can, until we die! I do not see myself stuck in a bed when I’m 80, I see myself PAINTING, visiting, informing myself, cultivating myself until I can’t walk!


So, I advise all people reading this scab to watch this movie, already because the music is incredible, the whole world knows them, but mostly because this film is motivating! It makes us understand that everyone has dreams, and if we really have the courage, we can achieve them! We just need to never give up and especially not to underestimate ourselves, we are all capable, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

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