A Pencil for Passion – By @ohunterjenkins

Owen Hunter Jenkins

By Owen Hunter Jenkins


A Pencil for Passion


I hate losing more than I love winning. 
There’s nothing worse than second place. 
I’ve always been like it, I don’t know why. I just have. 
This week the D&AD New Blood awards were judged. 
The entry we hoped would get some recognition, didn’t. 
We’d lost. 
At SCA they teach us that failures can be better than wins. 
With failures, we learn how to improve. 
But I looked through the winners of our brief. 
And for me, nothing stood out. 
Nothing amazed, excited or made me envious. 
I was struggling to see how I could improve. 
It took a couple of days to realise.
Adverting is subjective. 
What you love, might not be what someone else loves, what a jury loves. 
But the important thing is that you love it. 
We lost, yeh. 
But I wouldn’t of changed our idea:
I’d love to hear what anyone out there thinks.
For me, I still feel as passionately about it now, as I did when we entered it. 
I still believe in it. 
I don’t need a pencil to tell me that. 
(although maybe it would of been nice) 

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