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Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


– an excerpt from a previous scab of mine for reference… 

’A thought. No one reads these, so I might just start trash talking people here in the future. Not sure. I’ll see. Keep an eye out. or don’t. whatever.’

Hey there, Brixton siders. Gossip Kid here. It’s spring on the south side of London and the weather is not the only thing that’s heating up for our scandalous classmates.

One little birdy told me someone was spotted shopping at Tiffany’s with her new beau, who my sources (Ranj) report is a handsome exiled Cuban with a muddled past, she found outside her local hair dresser, and she’s never looked happier. And by that I mean she’s never looked less upset. hiss hiss.

Meanwhile, another certain someone’s profusely dirty charger is causing quite the problems in the Studio. It’s nothing a little tango won’t fix, but nothing is ever simple when there are a bunch of out of work creatives’ involved. Am I right?!

Anyway rumor has it that everyone’s favorite sunshine ****************** was spotted scribbling furiously in a notebook that may or may not have ’TOP SECRET GOSSIP KID STUFF’ written on the front in black sharpie. Who, in the studio, owns a black sharpie…? Yes…I agree…mysterious indeed.

As for our favorite actual Disney villain, ***********, he was spotted holding court with his minions at a certain high-end Weatherspoon’s this afternoon. Is some small part of his incredibly large scheme to fool everyone threatened? If you have a tip don’t forget to email me at

So far, everything seems to be in place for the Adcan deadline. Rumor has it that our well-intentioned nice guy is featuring the ghost of Margaret Thatcher in his Case study video – never say he doesn’t have a type…face! The only thing that could possibly go wrong at this point is literally anything. 

Did I mention how much I like Laura? Make sure you take lots of pictures of Laura. 


That’s all I’ve got for you today, sycophants . See you at the party and remember – Dan is the man.


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