I’ve Become a Boring Person – by @ClarissaDale94

Clarissa Dale

By Clarissa Dale


I’ve Become a Boring Person


I’ve become a boring person. A really one dimensional boring person who can only discuss advertising, briefs and deadlines. I fear my friends think I’m a massive square and are considering deleting me off all social media because SCA is the only thing in my life. 


Don’t get me wrong (future applicants this is to you), it needs to be your life, because if it isn’t and you aren’t fully committed you will fall behind. But in the last few months I’ve definitely neglected the fun stuff, like dot collecting. I can’t remember the last time I went to a museum or watched something I wouldn’t usually, or actually MADE something. I’ve become a rubbish creative who has forgotten everything I’ve been taught. 


Listening to Mark Denton the other week was one of the highlights of this year. He spent the talk showcasing all of his extra creative projects and pursuits. Everything he showed us was incredible. It made me want to draw, paint, film, invent and just create something for the sake of it. 


Yesterday in reflection Duke mentioned he was getting frustrated because he actually wasn’t making anything original. I second that. We have all these wild ideas and one off thoughts but never actually execute them properly or make them. And with only fifty something days left, this needs to change. 


Before the year ends, I’ve set myself the goal to actually make something. Even if it is completely crap, it’s good to know that we’ve been pro active as a team and done something that has a place in the real world. 

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