‘A PSA about sleep.’

I got the privilege of being one of the first SCABs of term 2 and as such, I would like to use this opportunity to make a public service announcement to my classmates, myself and anyone who needs this reminder…

Remember to sleep well during the course of this term.

The faculty does tell us sometimes that in order to create great work, we need good rest. However, the truth is that lots of us students are pulling late nights in order to get things done.

The solution to this problem really comes down to better time management but that’s easier said than done. So as a reminder, I collated a list from the internet about the importance of sleep:

  • Learning and memory – it’s during sleep that our brains organise and consolidate our memories. We need to be well rested in order to retain all the precious information we are receiving at school.
  • Improved mood and concentration – when we wake up feeling rested, we are able to face the day more energetically and also feel less annoyed by life’s challenges.
  • Healthier heart – our blood pressure lowers during sleep, which allows the heart and vessels to rest. The longer you stay up, the longer your blood pressure stays up too, which increases the chances of heart conditions.   
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels – sometimes stress is what keeps us up at night, however sleep does relax the systems in our bodies that are responsible for producing the stress hormones.
  • Stronger immune system – very relevant to our current times. If our bodies are well rested, they are more capable of defending against illnesses.  

As work intensifies in the coming months, let’s all keep this information on the back of our minds and make an effort to be more mindful of our rest.

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