A quick poem to sum up my day. By @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt


A quick poem to sum up my day.

Isn’t life exciting

When I can put my writing

Into an AI that does some highlighting

Then makes a model from my work.


So when I need to write

And I’ve only got the night,

And I want to sleep alright,

It writes like me and all my quirk.



And it isn’t at all that hard

To take a little card

To go that extra yard

To put my portfolio in VR.


And with a little skill

And train time to kill

I’ve made a  hand-tracked room to fill

With realistic hands — it’s quite bazaar!



That we can talk to our phones,

That we can monitor our bones,

That we can hear our thoughts as tones,

That we’ve got space to explore.


That with the internet;

The world that never sets,

There’s so much we’ve not seen yet,

And we’ll never want for more.



And while the world is never clear

And it’s hard not to fill with fear,

What we need is always near;

Opportunity is now here.


Everyone should have this freedom,

But some don’t — and we see them

In countries torn with war,

Or caged children when they’re poor.


On the US border,

Controlled by an order,

From a Whitehouse in disorder,

That sees every man, woman, daughter

That they hurt, that they torture.


On my eyes VR is here.

But on theirs only a tear;

Hearts filled with fear.

For them, freedom’s never near.



This was a 20 min poem to sum up my day.

While I’m happy I’m doing okay, I’m angry, confused and I’m looking for ways to help people who don’t have the freedom I have.


A great place to financially help all the charities new the border:


Thank you,

— Jonothan.























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