The creative process. – By @G_Medford

By Christopher Medford


The creative process. 


The creative process. 

What is it?

Is it just banging your head against a wall? 

Is it doodles on a piece of paper?

Can everyone do it? 

Do I do it better? 

Better than them?

Some people like us to think we are special. 

Or are we just the same? 


Maybe the creative process is simply just writing down things that are big or small. Beating up the competition.  Maybe it’s wearing six different hats at once.


Is it simply looking at your friend and telling them they are wrong. Or is it looking at your enemy and telling them their right. Maybe it’s just something you do. Maybe it’s about stepping away from what we usually do. Maybe we just need to take a step back and think about why were going this way. The way we always do.


Maybe the creative process is simply being obsessed. I’m sure the obsession is creative because when you’re obsessed with something your mind is obsessed. And when you think about something else your mind is obsessing. But is this truly helpful? Are we going to let it consume us? Am I going to think about this idea when I’m out, when I’m with my friends, when I’m about to go to sleep? Maybe this is the only way to a great idea. 


The creative process should always start with a pad. Doing a drawing of nothing. Then you do some squares in a little triangle. Then you make a person. Then another square and then another square. Then you have a house. Eventually you draw the moon. And you think if I can get Budweiser on the moon surely that will make it a cool beer. That’s a shit idea. But still worth thinking because then you ask the question. Where else could Budweiser be? Maybe Budweiser is under the sea. Don’t you see? You can’t define the creative process because maybe is not a process. Maybe it’s just doing.


Perhaps it’s that moment when you just got off the toilet and then you realise that maybe there was another way. Is the creative process just going to the toilet? Thinking maybe the toilets a special place? Maybe it just allows us to not think.


Think less. Do more. Doing something. That means walking. It means boxing. It means talking. It means walking up the stairs. It means walking down the stairs. It means walking along the corridor. 


The process is everywhere it’s everything we do.


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