One thing we’ve learned from ‘build your studio’ week

 On Monday we launch our brand new agency, John. So, while other schools have been taking a break this week, we’ve been getting ready. The transformation our studio has undergone is pretty spectacular if we do say so ourselves, and it certainly wasn’t an easy task. With only a few finishing touches to make, we’ve now got some time to reflect on the how the week has gone. Here’s what we’ve learned:


Poppy: Polystyrene balls will test your patience, but it will all be worth it in the end (when you have yourself a perfectly filled bean bag).


Philly: White spirit removes wall paint. Little else does.


Nick: I can’t paint for shit.


Elliot: Watching paint dry is long… real long


Phil: I never want to scrub floors for a living.


Susan: Don’t get creative when you are painting your walls white; this is the time to follow the lead. Smooth strokes all facing the same direction.


Twyla: Leave the IKEA assembling for the Swedes. It’s in everyone’s best interest. Trust me. I’m Swedish.


Kim: Creativity is always more awesome than you can think. Than anything, you could think of. Also, I now love plants 110% than before.


Christian: Don’t drop polystyrene balls on the floor, it makes quite a mess…


Jonothan: There’s an evil side to palm-trees.


Joe: ‘Downtime’ needs to be organized just as much as he


Josh: Never underestimate the power of feng shui


Adeline: Bin bags can become a fashionable accessory in painting times.


Gnome: Listening to each other is key. We can’t work as a team if we don’t listen and appreciate each other’s feelings. Offer to help.


Manon: White Spirit dilutes the paint, and makes people sick.

Tyler the creator makes painting much cooler.

Working as a team makes great things happen.


Dune: Finally being allowed to draw on walls was a thrill for some of us. As a result, we might have gone a bit too far, well you know sometimes you get a bit carried away…

And the result looks great so…


Meg: Remember to delegate, and be prepared for a lot of questions. Things will go wrong, materials will run out, but there will always be an amazing team waiting to step in and help! Also, white paint covers all sins.


Rachel: 50+ creatives in two rooms can lead to a lot of great wall art….and missing pens.


Chirine: Creative people can do beautiful things with some black and white paint.


Holly T: Good tunage can make anything fun.

Petra: Creatives are incredibly bad at cleaning up their own mess. Too structured maybe? Also, you can learn a lot about who you want to work with just by observing who turns up and pull their weight.


Ben: Nothing is too difficult. I saw ‘copywriters’ get down and paint the murals before I did, and make an impression that no one needs to be a specialist at anything. The first day was hard because of corpse purple painting into white. There is a definite mutual respect between fellow SCA’ers when you see hard graft happening.


Melina: Having your walls painted may cost you about 700 pounds, but painting them yourself apparently costs something like 15.000 pounds.


Becky: Be confident and get stuck in.


Helena P: Get involved. As said prior to this week, you can learn a lot about others work ethic.


Sara: Hard work beats talent (especially in regards to painting and scrubbing).


Jem: Most of the week was about (mostly) optional work with optional people (designing the studio, topicals and the Christmas brief) and I think that shows a lot about others and yourself as well. It helps you realize what it is that matters to you and others as well.


Martin: It’s worth buying good paint. Otherwise, you have to paint the walls two or three times.


Emma: Show that you care and teamwork is important.


Eva: Building the studio together brought us closer, outside of a work environment. We became team players.


Clara: When you are creative, everything is an art. Even painting on a wall becomes a way to express your creativity.

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