The pen is mightier than the sword. – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


The pen is mightier than the sword. 


I’m a copywriter.

I think visually, and I look at the mundane in weird ways but ultimately I’m a storyteller.

I had this moment of clarity in Pret with Lucy yesterday. I wrote a line that juxtaposed a virtual dystopia with a physical sanctuary. 

It was about real connection. Like when you have an idea and the pen becomes an extension of your fingers. As I dashed out the cafe with Lucy, the heavens opened and it began to pour. Dancing in the rain. Scurrying back to class. I realised the sharpie is my nimble limb. 

I did a photoshop course last week and despite what Tom and Antonio suggested, you can’t build Rome in a day… Lately I’ve been free writing. I love this scamping technique. My mind ticks at 333 km a second and I just mute myself and release all my energy. I can’t do this on photoshop. Of course, maybe I should have invested more time trying to learn the software but to quote myself, I’m just not a ‘Microsoft Excel’ man. I am frustrated that we live in a world where we can freely express thoughts through physical flow, yet when it comes to digital images, we are bound to a computer coding styled experience. It’s so uninspiring to stare at a screen! My mind has already moved onto something else by the time I’ve managed to find where the magic wand tool is.  

Back to the writing. The stuff I can do. 

To quote Lauren, ‘Well if you’re not a writer, what the bloody hell are you?’

In high school I loved ‘purple prose.’ Hyperbolic and descriptive language that is so flowery it detracts from the thought being expressed. Copywriting is quite the opposite. It’s a distillation process. I used to always send long text messages. I remember one time I got a response from a friend and all it said was ‘Big hug.’ You can really say a lot when you use words sparingly. I love small words like ‘bleak’ ‘blob’ and ‘bland’. I also love alliteration. 

I was also dubbed the pun kid during school. 

Deanz Meanz Sheinz.

So here’s the plan for the rest of this course. I will focus on showing everyone why I’m a crazy Australian writer not just a crazy Australian. 

Bums down, pens up. I’ll show the world, in 800 words, what I really have to say. 

HUSH is really starting to make sense. Words are fucking weapons. 

As Pete said to me on the phone. 

Shut the fuck up and write. Less Faff more do. 

As Kanye said ‘I’m tryin’ to right my wrongs, but it’s funny them same wrongs helped me write this song. 

It’s time to get angry. As my brother has been telling me. THWOMP.

This is the season to be jolly. D&AD is open for business. Working smart. Sexy sweat with Karolina. Let’s get physical. 

My sharpie will become a permanent marker!

Lately children’s books. I’m a kid. Danny, the Champion of the World. 

Even though I see faces in everything I believe in the power of dreams. My heroes are Peter Souter, Dave Trott & David Abbott.

I sell poetry like it’s maths. 





The copy scores 82 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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