Nothing beats an SCAer – By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


Nothing beats an SCAer

Before the break, we went to AMV.

Hopefully by this time, you know things didn’t go that well and we’ve had a massive bollocking.

When leaving AMV, we all went for drinks. 

We were all in a weird mood so


 were well needed and deserved.

I was feeling terrible, didn’t want to party, didn’t want to go home. 

But then I got sent a link


Watched it once: got butterflies.

Watched it a second time: got tears coming.

Then searched who the hell made that ad and found two very familiar names: two ex-SCAers.

A week later, I’ve watched this ad so many times, I could recite it and describe it frame by frame.

I’m not

​a Londoner



 this ad made me one. 

It’s bang on insights, full of references, funny, spot on the brand and I’m on Nike’s website every morning to get 


LDNR merch– should I keep going?

It’s great. 

Now two SCA alumnis have made my favourite ad of the past 10 years. If not of all times.

And you tell us to beat another school?

I couldn’t care less about any other school.

I want to beat them, those two previous SCA almunis.

I want to make an ad that will make theirs go in the forgotten hole.

I want them to tell me “well done”.

If you think I’m in competition with any other school, you’re wrong. 

My greatest competition is myself.

But the bar is raised by the greatest.


And if you put yourself in competition with anyone else than you, you’ve got your priorities wrong.

I wonder how many times other schools use some of SCA work as a reference.

And I wonder how many times they will in the future. 

So good fucking luck “other schools”.

Watch us cry, bleed and sweat.

Laugh a bit if you want.

But keep an eye on us, because nothing beats an SCAer.

​PS: If you’re reading and know where I can find the Nike LDNR merch, please give me a shout: twitter @iamvandale. Ta.​

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