A SCAB of Two Halves

So on the morning of day 3 as I scramble together my thoughts and feelings in this SCAB, we’ve had the pleasure of town hall meetings, we’ve been making tiktoks about the school rules #RespectTheEnvrionment, prizes have been given out and I can now say that I am the proud owner of 8.333333333333333 points. We’ve done stand up with Mr C, we’ve practiced mindfulness, gratitude, meditation and happiness and have explored poetry through freewriting sessions. So not bad for two days.

How have I found these first couple of days? In short, sick. After a year and a half of sinking into the abys, waking up too late and wandering around the house aimlessly in my pants with a cup of tea, losing next to all of my motivation. I 👏 Have 👏 A 👏 Purpose. Something to wake up for, something to really work my arse off for. SCA is exactly what I needed, not only have all the classes and lectures been amazing but everyone is lovely. No tears yet, however Marc is pretty sure that this will change, but for now I still feel well within the honeymoon phase.

Now, it’s all about finding balance. Like a tightrope walker with one of those long stick things. On one side pints at Pop, seeing friends and bonding with the gang. On the other side scouring through D&AD Annuals, learning how to make GIFs, making my SCABs not completely shite. We’ll see how this goes throughout the year, but I don’t think I’ve quite got the balance just yet. Teetering slightly, as I try and nab work from pre-SCA Ben.


Jesus Christ…just got back home after doing a corporate gig. Corporate Whore, is what me and my mates would shout when someone did one of these uptight, roof top, team building, city slicker, wanker gigs. Probs can’t say that now. It was fun while it lasted though. So, after being a man of the night for the evening I’m back in bed. It’s late now, too late. But then I remembered that I hadn’t finished this SCAB. So here we are…what was I talking about? Balance, right. Yeh, nah. Not there quite yet. But when money’s tight, I might still have to hang around on street corners sometimes. They’ll be time for camomile tea and baths for future Ben at some point though, maybe not next week but soon. I might buy a candle (corporate whore) it might spur me on.

Oh, we made GIFs today, really good fun. Need to be more patient with myself though, Adobe is hard. But we’re getting there. God this second half is written weirdly, isn’t it? A SCAB of two halves, that’s probably going to be the title.

Anyway, it’s getting late. Might have to invest in a tightrope walker’s leotard or something?


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