A short love affair – By @LeonoreLeitner

By Leonore Leitner

A short love affair

It feels so unreal that this is my last SCAB.

10 months later and I can’t believe it’s gonna be over in a week. It doesn’t feel real not to come in for town hall every morning.

I don’t feel ready for the real world of advertising yet, working on real briefs and real pitches. Only thinking about it fills me with a mix of excitement and pure fear. But actually I’m ready for it. It felt like SCA would never end and I also didn’t want it to. I didn’t feel sorry for the people who will repeat the course because I thought they’ll have so much fun doing it all over again. But now I couldn’t even imagine that. I’m so ready to leave. Even if I wish there was more time to craft our book till portfolio day, we’ve been in the studio for 10 months and I really crave change. Change of scenery, change of challenges. 

I’m still feeling a little lost and not as confident with my ideas as I’d wish I’d be by now, but looking back I’ve come a far way. Still far from anywhere good but compared to the begging, the way I approach things has changed a lot. And I feel so genuinely grateful for everyone who has helped me improve. I’ve never met so many people who just want you to do and be the best you can, giving up so much of their time to help you. Being in an environment like that is a good reason for being grateful. 

Sounds cheesy, but I feel so much love for people at the moment. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit sentimental when thinking about the end soon, or I’m having another mood swing, but I’m so grateful for having met all the people I met this year. I really started feeling attached to a lot of them and I can’t stand the thought of not seeing them every day.

I’m excited for what the future brings, what we’ll make out of it and where everyone in this year will be in a couple of years time. For now I feel thrilled leaving with a partner I have way too much fun working with, conversations I’m happy no one else hears and a shared passion for what we’re doing with our lives. What more could I want?! (A job maybe lol)

SCA felt so short, but also as if I’d would never end – now that the end is close it feels more like a beginning. And I can’t wait for it.


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