A Sonnet for Cohort ‘22

One week down, what a whirlwind! I’ve done everything from make a t-shirt, to a GIF to singing to a room of strangers (thanks Marc, not embarrassing at all). One of my favourite habits to come out of this week is the practise of gratitude. Reflecting on the week, I’d say the thing I am most grateful for is my cohort. I imagine every year might say this, but I think this group is a different kind of brilliant. I am so thankful to get to work and learn from and with them: I feel very lucky.

For our class on the second day with Deanne, we were asked to write boastful sonnets, probably one of the hardest things to do. A boastful sonnet doesn’t feel at all natural. Often, we find it easier to berate and belittle ourselves, especially when starting out as creatives. To sit down and write something about yourself that you are proud of or something you’ve overcome is quite terrifyingly liberating. I’m learning on this course that if you find something hard, do it again and again and again. So, here’s a boastful sonnet about my cohort (on reflection I found it easier to write this because they’re just so goddamn good)

A Sonnet for Cohort ‘22
One week in and we’re already thriving,
From strangers to allies in less than a day.
Armoured with talent it can’t be surprising
That our ads already take centre stage.
None are like us, our presence is a gift,
Ability and kindness overflow.
Wielding Adobe, we show off our grit
And help each other to grow.
We’ve fallen at hurdles but when we are up,
We re-build them triple the size.
The higher the bar, the higher we jump,
Leaving with nothing but the prize.

Drivers of passion finding our way,
Following the stars, we build our creative flames.


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