A Stanza Extravanganza (*book emoji) – By @rolloskinner

Rollo Skinner

By Rollo Skinner


A Stanza Extravanganza (*book emoji)


Tackling the reading list has been a helluva strain,

More than once I’ve taken Marc’s name in vain.

Starting with my Memory; ‘til now been misused.

Simultaneously my pain threshold’s also improved.


Unexpectedly simple, next came Made to Stick,

Without a doubt this definitely gets my pick.

Emotional and credible, it sure did impress,

A concrete story to follow; a pathway to SUCCESs.


Find your product inside your prospect’s mind;

Positioning’s a concept I can really get behind.

I’ve just gotta be first to find that new invention,

And don’t be greedy with endless line extensions.


This essential guide is for all in the industry.

The solution to your problem – it’ll find instantly.

If you don’t own a Kindle, it’s likely to irk,

But worth the hunt for Better Creative Work.


I’ve never considered a choice architect,

Or how they might govern the greenhouse effect.

Libertarian paternalism with a Nudge or a prod.

Implicitly helpful? Or just playing God?


I’m Thinking Fast and reading Slow,

So it’s to the online summary I go,

Wishing this book were a tad more simplistic,

If only I knew how to pronounce heuristic…


Just two sleeps left and still on Lateral Thinking,

The likelihood of finishing is shrinking and shrinking,

But I’ll stay up all night with the help of strong tea,

From A to D, then from 5 back to 3.


Tomorrow is Monday, one book left to read.

If only I’d read with a little more speed.

Now Tuesday’s in sight, with the distant school bell.

All’s well that ends with Malcolm Gladwell.


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