A whole new environment @joanischris

The time has come, the show must go on. Just embarked on the awesome SCA adventure. To be honest, it’s going to be quite challenging but deeply think that it’ll be an overall thrilling and exciting ride. The joy I am sensing comes from this never seen before system which brings people to greater spheres. My first of many satisfaction was to meet all these great minds and lovely human beings making this experience a group initiation. Getting to connect with them through their motivations, goals, fears, and dreams was a pleasure and an eye opener. We could relate to many things which make the group come together every day a little more.

We were all in the same space ready to be creative and do what we love yet as soon as we were asked to be creative and find ideas on the spot it felt like something scary when it shouldn’t have. My worry was that I could express the full potential of my ideas because of the language gap but this place and people made it somehow possible. Everyone’s idea adds to someone else’s and in the end, this virtuous circle makes greatness. It may not occur all the time but it does happen and that’s the beauty of it.

Also, personal growth was a prominent part of the process. In three days only I’ve managed to unlearn and relearn so much through mindfulness, poetry, and improv. It was a tipping point. I realized that I have to let go of my inhibitions and misconception, that I can trust the people around me to not judge me based on the ridiculous things I could say, that I could train my brain to be more relaxed, confident, and focused. The virtues of free writing, for example, are also, something that I really enjoy and using it right now makes the writing process less stressful and more enjoyable.

All these new inputs on life, are so accurate and meaningful that I started wondering how I survived without them. The process of unlearning and relearning is so rewarding. At first, you don’t always see the reason behind why you are doing such and such activity but in the end, you always get some benefit from it.

Furthermore, meeting the people of the industry that went through the same process we’re going through made it tangible. It’s not a myth, it’s real. We could see how they manage with hard work to pursue their passion and be successful in their field of choice. It also made me realize that SCA is first and foremost and a network of people driven by the same appetite for creation with their own singularities (technology, entrepreneurship…). Being able to rely on such a vast and diversified network is inspiring.

The SCA experience is something of the other world and it does it all: life council and preparation to professional practice. Now it’s up me to ingest all the information, advice and knowledge to succeed.

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