A Working Marriage by @ClarissaDale94

Clarissa Dale






By Clarissa Dale


In my opinion, the hardest thing about SCA is that you have to find a partner. I think advertising is the only industry I know where you have to get hired in a partnership.

There is very little difference between creatively dating someone, and dating in real life. It’s uncomfortable and awkward. You don’t want to be too forward or keen, and yet you don’t want to play hard to get and seem disinterested.

It’s always difficult to decide when to make your move, or if you even make any move at all. You’re not looking for a one time thing, you want it to be permanent and long term. This is your career, and you need to make your partner count.

You don’t want someone too serious, and you don’t want someone too playful. You need to find the perfect balance, someone who picks you up when you’re feeling low, and makes up for your flaws. You need to be the same, but different.

My friends often laugh when I talk about my ‘Partner’ and discuss other teams who have ‘broken up’, it seems alien to them. However, four eyes are better than two, and two brains are better than one, working in a partnership makes complete sense to me now.

I’ve been lucky, and realise how important a trusting partnership is. You need to be able to say no a lot without offending the other, it needs to be honest.

To all the future students of SCA, don’t be afraid to creatively sleep around, it’s not frowned upon at our school, but I hope you can all fall in love with someone that you respect and admire, to build a happy future and portfolio together.

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