The advantage of not being an SCA student…

This is the week when we have to admit that there are advantages to not being an SCA student


Whilst most ad school students are starting to enjoy their Easter holidays, ours have another week of existing on not much more than adrenalin and the nutrients provided by our friendly local boozer.  If you are on your holidays and want to get a taste for what it is like to study here, then I hope that you will take up this invitation to get involved.  There are scholarships to be won – and plenty of opportunities to impress some of the ad industry’s top talent.


Here’s everything that you need to know


  • We hold something called Town Hall at 9.30 every day at SCA.  All sorts of things happen at Town Hall including masterclasses.   I always give a presentation of the week ahead to my students at Monday’s Town Hall.  The SlideShare below is what I will be presenting at Monday’s Town Hall.
  • The presentation shows that we have six fantastic masterclasses this week and lets you know when they are scheduled for.   They will all be streamed live.   If you follow us on Twitter you will receive an alert when we start streaming.
  • The presentation shows that we are setting a new brief on Monday morning.   Our students will need to juggle this new brief with all of their other projects.   You might not have that disadvantage.

    UPDATE  –  Choose from one of these two briefs  –  Amoy    or   Schwartz

  • Come and show us your response to the brief on the afternoon of Thursday 5th April.   If you impress us you might win a scholarship on the spot, to start here in September.
  • The team running our main Scholarship Competition will be taking questions on the afternoon of Thursday 5th April.  They won two of last year’s scholarships,  so they should be able to give you great insights.
  • We are going to be noshing hot cross buns before taking some of our mentors to the aforementioned local boozer.


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