Now that’s what I call SCAB! – By @tadbux

Now that’s what I call SCAB!

The ultimate compilation guide to SCABs. Not your average meta-SCAB-scab. 

(Please excuse this visual). 

SCAB. The School of Communication Blog (in case you’re new around here). They’re a scourge, aren’t they? Just when you’re stacked up with deadlines, running on empty and need a breather—BAM!—you’ve got one due. But they’re really important. Here’s why:

For one, they advertise the school. I spent longer than I care to admit reading the SCABS of the previous intake (KRAK). I was trying to get a feel for the school and work out whether it might be the place for me (it really 110%, is the place for me, as it turns out). 

Despite never meeting any of last year’s students (at least in person) I feel as if I know them. SCABs allow you to glimpse the full story of the SCA as it unfurls; the dizzying highs and more sobering lows, rather than some glossy, idealised highlight reel. And that’s important right? Because if a school that prides itself on communication, can’t effectively communicate—and sell itself—then that’s a problem. 

Reason number two. And I’ve only realised this recently, is the importance of the SCAB as a tool of self-reflection. This course is intense. Term one disappeared in the blink of an eye. And life is crazy too. It can pass you by if you let it. SCABs force you to slow down and just reflect on what’s happening for a bit. This can help consolidate everything you’ve learnt. But also, more importantly, it lets you check in with yourself and how you’re doing; something important for your mental health. 

And the third and final reason: SCABs are a library of wisdom. There are generations of cohorts that have been adding their little nuggets of truth, witty anecdotes, and reflections to the blogs. I’ve learnt so much for them. Below I’ve compiled some of the SCABs I’ve enjoyed and found the most helpful on my journey. Think of it as my SCAB top hits compilation album. Enjoy: 

Joel Buckley’s tips on how to get a scholarship to the SCA. Once you’ve realised that SCA is the place for you, you still have to find ways to finance it, make it work etc. Getting a scholarship can be the answer, here’s how Joel went about it. 

Robyn Frost on standing for something and being ferociously ambitious. Robyn’s SCAB is about the lack of diversity and gender inequality in the industry and how we all are responsible to be the change we want to see – not just paying lip service. You can feel her passion and it’s got me fired up to change things for the better in the course of my career as well. 

Jamie Bauermeister’s list of gems. This is a literal treasure trove, full of spreadsheets, google docs and a 36 minute video of Marc’s creative techniques that blasts you with a foghorn every 3 minutes. Jamie is a certified legend and this is a hidden gem. 

KRAK intake’s compilation of great BAME creatives. Great list of some truly influential amazing minds. 

COUP intake’s reflection slides after reading Hey Whipple. Every Friday at the SCA we show ‘reflections’ on the week that’s just happened. Seeing this is strange – it’s like a glimpse into the minds of our SCAncestors. Also if you’re planning on doing the course, read Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. It’s a staple. 

Alex Morris’ SCAB on the importance of looking after your mental health and forgiving yourself. A really honest reflection on mental health and sometimes being open and honest with ourselves and those around us is just what we need. 

There’s so many great SCABs full of wisdom to uncover (as well as lots of equally entertaining rants, ruminations or inane ramblings). These are just some of the ones that have helped me on my journey. Maybe one day one of yours will end up on someone else’s list? 

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