Point of view. By @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Point of view.

This week I discovered how important is to change your point of view sometimes. Staying in the same place all the time blocks your creativity and sometimes is just bad for your work. I discovered the importance of changing my point of view at home while I was talking with Nunu. During the conversation we just decided to stand up on our chair and continue to speak standing there. I started to look around and I saw so many things that normally I don’t pay attention to. It was like a breath of fresh air in my mind.
Not happy on Wednesday I jumped on a plane and went to Switzerland, and again watched the earth from another point of view. It was strange and different.
I think that sometimes, somehow, we have to find ways to break our routine of sitting on the ground, climbing a tree, or simply sitting at the back of the bus instead of the front. Maybe you don t see a difference at first, but I promise you will start to see so many different things.
Have you ever tried to walk on the other side of the road in the morning or been to an exhibition you never expected to go to? All this stuff helps you to change your point of view and after you can apply it to everything around you.
Here are some examples of various things that I have done to change my point of view and get inspiration
– Our fractal brain
-Sigrid Hollwod
-Tilting the street of San Francisco
-Biting Elbows
If you still dont know how to change your point of view here are my ten tips
1 turn your head horizontally
2 change your place of work
3 go outside
4 speak with someone you never speak with
5 change the side of the road
6 try something you never have before
7 change your perspective
8 think as someone else
9 stand up on your chair
10 do a roll
So have a good changement and remember to stay weird

To close my scab here a funny video of people enjoying a new point of view…

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