The people I need. Part One. – By @RobCHeimann

By Rob Heimann


The people I need. Part One.





Gamia is my girlfriend and my best friend (sorry Karim). I know that’s cliché but it’s true. She is the reason I’m at SCA. She told me about SCA, she encouraged me to drop by and find out what they were about. So I’m here. I have never felt so motivated. She is always insightful and gives me incredible and insightful feedback that sharpens my creative output.  She makes me want be better for other people, her and myself. What even more amazing is that she does that from over 11,000 kilometres away. I’m going to stop here ‘cos otherwise I’ll just be writing a love letter.





Jack is my little brother, but he has taken on and mastered the art of being a big brother. Not in a scary 1984 way but in a supportive way. Jack is the most driven person I know; if wants something he will work his fingers to the bone to get it. What’s more, he won’t fuck over other people to get there, in fact he is the kind of guy that will lift up the people around him.

            Jack is reason I won’t die of heart or liver disease; he won’t let me. My determination to be unhealthy is no match for his will.

            Jack is the reason I went to university. He saw me getting stuck in a rut and pulled me out by my ear. He literally said, “By the time I get back from work, you need to have found five unis that you can do creative writing at.” I did, actually I applied that afternoon.

            Jack is the best.



Me Mam


Of course me mum is on the part one of this blog. My mum is incredible and I honestly have no idea how she survived raising me. I was a complete shit. And somehow she kept at me and encouraged and engaged with my many, many interests or obsessions. This allowed a wonderful, mad brain to develop, without which I would be unable to be or do jack shit. If I become half the parent she is; I’ll be an amazing parent.



In part two of this blog I will talk about three more people and talk about why as a creative I need these people.

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