Seraphim Extract: The Void and I

Hope you enjoy and this time I tried writing in a way I hadn’t explored so learning curve.

Imagine nothingness. Try to imagine nothingness. The absence of anything. Just nothing. A nothingness that there’s no echo to repeat what you put out into…the nothing. The way people understand existence in the basic sense is ones and zeros. A something and the lack of a something. The world makes sense that way. It is easier to understand the world that way, but we also have at a times felt the lack of something in our lives. Felt like, I am here but not present. Not truly living, but just existing in space. Like the first plant you buy to fill a corner in the new flat you’ve just moved into…just so it feels less like nothingness. 

Nothingness was there before anything was. It is from the absence of anything, that there is space for anything to exist to be able to manifest. Nothingness is the piece of parchment that Leonardo, Socrates, Descartes even Newton found their answers. When you have nothing, it gives you the opportunity to find everything. It should be noted. As much as you can find eureka in nothingness. You can also get lost and consumed into the bleakness of it. 

The void is the space outside of everything that exists. What does exist is, not known when this singularity manifested. Manifestation is the term used to try and describe the current universe upon which everything happens. The space that is within the void that has essence, and echoes can be heard. The space is called Gaia…where soil and seed dance.

There is an uncontrolled situation that arises from nothingness and somethingness. Nothingness if undisturbed by creation of Gaia (somethingness) the balance is achieved. But if nothing and something both exist then a situation described as super symmetry occurs. Nobody Knows what happens when that situation manifests or ends…

Daedra’s face hit the ground hard. His body followed suit. The whole front of his being felt every bit of the surface resonate through his body. His swings also collapsed into the hard surface, but only four of wings. 

“OWWWW that f**king hurt!!” he shouted. He flipped himself around onto his front. At the same time retracting his wings. “f**k wow that actually hurt, I haven’t felt something in a long time” he said with a joking tone but acknowledgement that he was not happy…he was in pain. “I can’t believe that you all thought you could overpower me, and I won’t lie I was surprised by what you did. You caught me of guard but that’s probably because I’ve always known my hubris will be my down fa” before Daedra could finish. He began to feel the energy around him. He then realised it wasn’t the energy that was off. But because there wasn’t any energy at all. “There’s only one place I know that doesn’t have anything…” he said uncomfortably worried.


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