Some useful advice for PB 1 – By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


Some useful advice for PB 1

Last week we worked pretty hard on our first portfolio brief. It was the first time we had the chance to work for two weeks on a brief and also the first time we could proof ourselves on what we’ve learned in the first term of SCA. Of course everybody wanted to make a pretty good impression and set the bar high for the following portfolio briefs. I thought it would be cool to share some thoughts about my first portfolio brief: 

1. Not every opinion counts

Every week plenty of different CD’s visit our school to get to know us and to give us some advice. For our first brief I talked with over five different CD’s. Having a lot of different opinion can be good but is also exhausting to figure out which advice you should take further and which one to leave behind. So don’t take every advice for granted and don’t forget your own opinion. 

2. Have fun

While working and researching the briefs it’s sometimes hard to remember that we are doing just advertising! So always remind yourself to have fun in between and to not take your brief to serious. 

3. Practice single minded propositioning! (Marc will love you)

Writing SMP’s is essential at the beginning to come up with some good insides and results. The more you practice beforehand the more you will be ahead of other students. 

4. Plan enough time for your execution 

PB 1 was the first case study video we added. Since we all don’t necessarily have a background in After Effects or other video editing it’s pretty useful to get used to the Adobe creative suit programs. If you are not familiar with After Effects, than plan enough time to execute your idea. 

5. Take  distance in between 

When you work over 14 days on on briefs you will sometimes forget that your audience is not an advertising nerd like we are. So the chance that they will look longer than 0,7 seconds on your finished work is pretty low. Let your work rest for a few hours in between to get some distance. 

6. Make space for the week-end

For a balanced and healthy life outside of SCA it is massively important to get some free time for side projects, family and dot collecting at the week-ends. So make sure your plan your week ahead to have at least a free Saturday or Sunday to step out of the advertising world. 

7. Take care of your team partner 

Remind your partner to take some short breaks in between and when it’s time to leave the studio to get some fresh air or a meditation. It is really easy to get lost in the work flow and to forget to take breaks. 

Have a nice week-end 

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