The Pursuit of Passion – By @gnomeegnome

By Naomi Taylor


The Pursuit of Passion

It’s something we all have for someone, for something, for somewhere. A belief, a goal, a thing that drives us forward. It’s different for us all, it makes us human.

After starting on D&AD briefs recently, I was able to discover the true power of passion and how it’s a rocket that propels us forward into bigger and better ideas. Being able to put your personal experiences and passions into a brief creates emotion and truth. A truth that you can use to promote change and alter opinions and creative an emotive conversation with your audience.

I feel that working on portfolio briefs we have all struggled to be passionate, especially when it comes to selling cereal bars. Fast moving consumer goods generally don’t shout ‘I’m interesting, love me!’. We have to delve deeper, whether that’s finding an insight or a memory that resonates with you and relating it back to the brand or finding the brand values, there is a passion somewhere just waiting to be found.

Think of it like this, you have to sell washing up liquid, like ‘wow that’s amazing, I can’t wait to sell that shit.’ Unfortunately that isn’t the reality. So it think ‘haha I remember that time where I blew the bubbles from the washing up liquid into my nephews face, and he couldn’t stop laughing’. That’s the passion, the passion of memories of those little things that brighten your day. Here it’s not about what the product does but the memories you get from using it in a non-conventional way.

I’m not saying the above example is a great expression of passion as it’s different for everyone, I’m saying that you shouldn’t take products at face value, they fit into our lives in more ways than logical. Does the brand believe in something you support such as a charity cause, does the brand have the similar values to your own? It could be as simple that you just love the product because you are the consumer and you can already relate to its benefits.

Look for something different, something based on human insight, it helps if it’s yourself. Passion is an incredible energy, I believe it would be hard not to find something that holds some sort of value deep within it.

Just keep digging!

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