I saved an old woman’s life. – By @MunrajSC

I saved an old woman’s life.

Every Monday the students at SCA get set a brief to create a reflection slide. The goal is to reflect on the brief during the week and then craft a 1080 x 1080 image, showing what we discovered during our existential pondering. This week’s reflection brief was to do something kind during the week and show the intake what we did on Friday. 

Simple, right? So why was it such a struggle?

I mean, I try and do a lot for other people, but on second glance a lot of it isn’t truly kind. I don’t really see cooking dinner for my family as ‘kind’ because it still benefits me. I still have to eat. So, as the week went on, I struggled to think of something I could do that was truly kind.

As luck would have it, on Friday I had to go to Tesco, to get food for my family. Because I decided to sneak a tub of ice-cream onto the shopping list, I had to ask my mum to pick me up and drive me home before it melted. The Tesco car park is at the top of a steep path. As I waited there for my mum to arrive, I noticed an old woman pushing her overfull trolley up this sharp climb. Suddenly, her trolley got caught on a bit of raised pavement and it began to tip over. In her attempt to wrestle with it, she had started to fall backwards and was on the verge of being knocked, rolling down the path, when I sprinted over and grabbed her trolley and upper arm. Leaving my shopping on the ground, I escorted the woman up the long and climbing path and into the car park until we reached her car.

Ok, so I didn’t save her from drowning or stop her from being mugged but her parting “God bless you” was heart-warming to say the least. 

Trying to enter this industry has often like ‘selling out.’ With the world, advertising industry included, discussing Black Lives Matter and there being a plethora of issues out there that seem more important than building my portfolio, I’ve recently found myself feeling a little demotivated. I’ve been wondering if I’m actually going to make the world a better place. Don’t get me wrong, selling out (and all the money that comes with it) sounds great to the kid inside me that grew up without any, and it feeds my soul to be creative every day. 

But, especially right now, these thoughts have been on my mind.

I know there are amazing, award-winning pieces of work that have helped people and made the world a better place (R/GA’s Malaria Must Die work, McCann Health’s Afghani Immunity Charm… the list is vast and growing). 

So, I guess until I start working, I won’t know if I’m on the right path.

Ironically, because of my good deed, I didn’t manage to even make it back for the Zoom call for reflections. But, it felt good to know that even though I spent most of it trying to figure out how to get brands more money and notoriety, I had done something kind this week.

I saved an old woman’s life. Kind of. 

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