Woolly hats, love and kindness – By @FlorrieMacleod

Woolly hats, love and kindness

Last weekend my mum and I got out our eight years’ worth collection of innocent smoothie hats. Over the years we have collected 67. They vary in shape, colour and texture. I have a pineapple, a bunch of grapes, a bright orange hat with legs/scarf, a pompom flower and a Christmas pudding, to name a few. Every year I look forward to going into the shops to find the innocent smoothie display. I will scour the shelves, making sure to look right to the back, as often the best hats are hidden. I will spend another good 20 minutes deciding which hats are the best. (Let’s see how many times I will say the word innocent in this blog post.)

The ‘Big Knit’ was set up in 2003 by innocent smoothies. The aim – to raise money for Age UK by asking the public to knit and crochet miniature hats for innocent. These hats are then sent to innocent who put them on their individual smoothie bottles. For every bottle sold, 25 pence is donated to Age UK. If I take the price for a small innocent smoothie bottle, £1.85 from Waitrose and times that by 67, I get to £123.95. Of that, £16.75 has been donated to Age UK.

The Coronavirus has temporarily put this on hold and it is a huge shame that their hats won’t be back on their bottles until 2022. But, they are still accepting knitted hats, so I hope people will keep making them and sending them in! I have always wanted to make a hat, but I am almost 100% sure I would grow too attached to it and be unable to part with it.

Now, I know it may seem like all I am talking about is innocent smoothies. But to me, these hats also signal that the nights are drawing in. They signal that December is on its way, and they add an extra cheer to our already flamboyant living room. My pug dog is also very interested in the hats. Every year we see how long it will take him to notice the two hats on my pottery sculptures. This year I think it took a couple of days for his beady eyes to spot them. He likes to hook them off and run away them, and we end up chasing him around the living room and kitchen!

I also like to know that I am doing my bit to help Age UK when buying the ‘Big Knit’ innocent smoothie bottles. Age UK have made a huge difference in my family’s life and more now than ever I think older people need our love and compassion and support. Whilst we hopefully will be able to see our loved ones over the Christmas holiday, I am sure some people will be alone for Christmas.

Let’s send a letter to an elderly relative, a loved one or friend. A letter may seem like a small thing, but it can really brighten up someone’s day.

P.S. I make that 9 times I said innocent (10 including that one)

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