Name Dropping Part 3 – By @orla27marie

By Orla O’Connor


Name Dropping Part 3


It’s back by popular demand.  Name dropping, these lovely name popped up in term 1 at SCA.  Again if there is any mistakes in this then please do let me know.  I hope this is helpful to you all.  


Richard Avedon

Photographer.  He began his professional training after being in the Army.  He learnt photography and art direction with Alexey Broadovitch.  He became the lead photographer for Harper’s Bazaar.  He later joined Vogue He is famed for blurring the line between art and professional photography.  


He died in 2004.  


His foundations website –


Fabien Baron (Madon sex book)

Baron and Baron Inc. was set up by Fabien Baron.  His agency specializes in fashion, fragrance and branding.  He also help revive a number of magazines including French and Italian Vogue.  He was also Creative Director of Harper’s Bazaar in the 1990’s.  


His agency website –

Wiki Page –

Instagram –


Trevor Beattie

Now at BMB but was at TBWA before.  


French Connection’s – FCUK launch

Wonderbra – Hello Boy’s

Virgin – He is developing Branson’s Galactic venture


Twitter –


Paul Belford

Award winning Art Director.  Now works for himself but before worked for AMV (CD), Ogilvy (CD), and TBWA (Creative Partner).


Drink Aware – photographed the posters under a fish tank (favourite line – Children are always under the influence yours)

Infiniti F1 – Boxes changes the layouts

Waterstones – Book covers


His web site –


Tony Brignull

The most awarded Copywriter in D&AD history (and from my meeting him a complete gent), and gave us a fantastic talk on making sure every ad has reason.  


Shredded Wheat – Bet you can’t eat 3

Parker Pens – Rediscover the lost art of the insult (Headline)

Fiat – Wolf in sheep’s clothing


Danny Brooke – Taylor (Lucky Generals)

CD of Lucky Generals, before that he was at TBWA, MCBD, and Mother.  He also inverted his own football training kit for kids called Ballooppa. (


Hovis – Go on lad

Pot Noodle – Ring Girl


Other work can be found at –


Twitter –

His favourite 3 ads –


John Capels

Was a scientifically minded copywriter who tested the success of his direct mail ads from the response rates of the ads.  He also tested the colour, size, position and seasonal attraction of his ads.  He would only reuse elements of ads if they have been proven to work.  He worked for 50 years at BBDO.  


Died in 1990


Some of his rules –


Russell Davis

Writer and strategist who is famed for Honda’s power of dreams campaign and Nike’s run london.  He left W+K in 2005.  He is also a blogger, made a programme for the BBC called Internet of Things, and organizes the Interesting Conference.  


Blog –

His Website –

Twitter –


Tim Delaney

Made his name at BBDO, in 1980 he set us his own agency Leagas Delaney.  He currently works out of the Italian branch of his agency and is still writing ads.  


Timberlands – We stole their land their buffalo and their women, then we went back for their shoes

Harrods – How the other half gives

Economist – Jordan


Campaign profile –


Dave Dyer

CD at Poke, before he was a CD at AKQA.  


Canon – You can canon


Vimeo channel –


Charles and Ray Eaems

Famed for the Eaemes’ chair, this husband and wife become some of the most important designers in the 20th century.  They redefined architecture, interior design, industrial design and photography.  


Here is their site –


Bob Gage

He worked under Bernbach at Grey, and when Bernbach left to set up DDB he joined them again in NY.  He hired many art directors that too became giants in their field such as George Lois, Bill Taubin, and Helmut Krone.  


Gage died in 2000


Levi – Real Jewish Rye

Ohrbach – numerous campaigns


Steve Henry

Founder and Creative Director of Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury (No longer exists).  He is also the founder of Decoded a company that teaches you to code in one day.  He is also an ECD and Mentor at SCA.  


Tango – You know when you’ve been Tangoed (orange fat man)

Ronseal – Does exactly what it says on the tin

Carling – I bet he drinks Carling Black Label


D&AD Profile –


David Kolbusz

Snapped up by Droga 5 London to be Chief Creative Officer, Kolbusz came from W+K in New York, and before that he was CD at BBH.  


Heineken – Payphone

Jordon – The Dunk To End All Dunks


All his associated on Ads of the World –


Twitter –

Interview in Campaign –


Nils Leonard

Know for his work at Grey and famed for turning Grey around.  He left Grey in the summer of 2016 with Lucy Jameson and Natalie Graeme, to set up an agency in mid 2017 (nothing else online regarding this).


Lucozade – The Conditions Zone –

Volvo – Life Paint


Twitter –

Interview in Campaign –

D&AD Profiles –


George Lois

He made his name at CBS, in 1959 he joined DDB.  In 2016 he set up his new agency Lois Trans Media.  He famously said that “People that don’t think they owe something to somebody ar crazy”, meaning he knew his success was from learning from the best.  


Esquire – he designed over 90 magazine covers for them

MTV – I want my MTV


He also wrote “Damn Good Advice – for people with talent”.  


Christopher MaCartney Filgate

Was Paul Arden’s Mentor.  Couldn’t find much on him.


Ross Neil and Billy Faithfull

Both are ECD at WCRS.  Met in art school and hit the agencies in 2001 for placements.  They learnt their craft at HHCL Steve Henry’s agency.  


Donate Blood- Missing type

McCoy’s – Gary –


Billy’s profile on ads of the world –


Interview with Billy ––get-to-know-billy-faithfull-.2655


Jakob Nielsen

Web consumer researcher.  He looks at how you can improve customer experience and make your web communications more consumer friendly (from large type faces to making sure content has something in it for the consumer).  


One of his articals


Russell Ramsey

He began his career at Saatchi and Saatchi he then moved to BBH where he became CD in 1998.  He now oversees the whole creative department at JWT.


KitKat Chunky – too big direct mail

KitKat – Android

Profile on D&AD –

Profile on best ads on TV –


Twitter –

Articles written by Ramsay for JWT Blog –

What’s on his desk Campaign Magazine –


Bill Taubin

Was Hired by Bob Gage at DDB.  


Also has credit online for Levy’s Jewish rye bread

Ohrbach – Pregnant lady ad (first ad with a pregnant woman in at the time)

Also did the first TV ad with a fisheye lense when the trend caught on he never used it again


Alan Waldie

Made his name at CDP and later moved to Lowe Howard-Spink.  


Died in 2016


Benson and Hedges – Swimming pool

Heineken – THe water in Majorca


His tribute in Campaign Mag –


Martin Weigel (W+K Planning head)

Head of planning at Weiden and Kennedy currently residing at the Amsterdam office.  Before that he was planning head of Leo Burnett and JWT.  


Twitter –

His Blog –

Interview with Weigel –

Weigel on focus groups buzzwords and planners –


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