This an extract from an idea of a book I want to revisit and, hopefully, catch your intrigue so I can continue growing the story and getting better at writing and improve copywriting and description along the way. 


Syyn fell towards the earth, with the hopeless desperation of a mortal clawing back the years of an unlived life, knowing the end was his future. 

“This is not my ending!” he declared. “This is not my ending; do you hear me Sky!?” Syyn vehemently proclaimed. Syyns tongue spoke with hesitation and uneasiness. He was beginning to not believe his own words. “This cannot be my end,” he thought.

Syyn screamed as another eruption of pain raped and wrathed through his spine. In his absence of mind, Sky had closed the distance. Close enough for his scythe to root itself in Syyns back and reap two more of his wings. The scythe sang a deep, almost lifeless red. The coolness of the air chilled the droplets into ruby-like gems. That glistened as they scattered directionless into the expense. A minuscule smirk twitched Sky’s lip. He was not going to stop his mission. At every turn, Syyn tried to deflect the attacks as best he could. 

“This is only happening because you brought this upon yourself when you betrayed me!” Sky exclaimed with cold unwavering stillness. He wanted his words to carry the weight of his pain rather than letting his internal anguish cloud him.

With his remaining wings, Syyn tried to gain control of his spiral while the ground was fast approaching. His two remaining wings could not support his weight. In desperation, Syyn tried to cocoon himself with his wings from the impact. A loud whistling in the air could be heard, growing in intensity as the shadow Syyn cast began to narrow and whimper, becoming acute but accurate. The air began to heat and expand around Syyn, becoming alive with fury.

The snow below began to thaw slowly, but the heat was all-consuming and unhinged. The lush green fawner underneath began to dance uncontrollably to its newly renewed majesty, finally freed from its icy jailers. Their newfound freedom from their captors was short-lived. The air now turned into a roaring inferno, a dragon untamed scorching everything in sight. The crescendo was reaching its climax. Syyn hit the ground with the vivacity of a conquering army. As Syyn burrowed into the earth, the ground became weightless, the earth was alive, and then silence fell both deaf and loud.

Animals, birds everything alive began to run into the bracken for shelter and respite. While the snow began to fall, Syyn coughed out blood, finally feeling the shock go through him. Fate landed a few meters from Syyns crater, but Skys feet glided inches above the ground. However, the scythe rubied from Syyns essence cut throw the glacier with a menace, and its intent unquestioned. 

“This is it, ”Syyn uttered as he unfurled himself from his cocoon and opened his eyes to look at the skies he once ruled. 


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