Seraphim (The Layline Intersect)

Another extract from a chapter. Let me know if the writing is improving

The Layline Intersect is a peculiar phenomenon of nature, an even peculiar place to find yourself. The Intersect is both a specific place and a place that isn’t specific. The Layline has its own sentience, and it has an attitude. The intersect is a doorway to every possible dimension and every time frame juncture. The Intersect can also give you entrance to any place, time and dimension. One of the reasons the Layline Intersect is used as a gateway is to hide any secrets because you never know where the Intersect will take you or even lead you. There is a way to navigate through the Layline Intersect, exactly knowing what you want, when you want it, and where you want it.

If not, you might end up in a waking nightmare of your own making because you weren’t focusing on what it is you wanted fully. Unfortunate souls have unintentionally opened the entrance to hell and some to their deaths. Unpredictable is the norm. But. At the centre of the Layline is the chameleon caravanserai. It is the one place that has any resemblance of balance and stability. If you need to do business, then the business is where it is. Good, bad and everything in between.

The Chameleon caravanserai is the only bastion in the Intersect. An outpost in the middle of the infinite. That’s why if you need to know what’s happening, the Chameleon will know. Ganesh supplanted himself as the god who knows it all. That might have been helped by the simple fact that having more than two arms and having your hands in everyone else’s business, gives you a lot of pieces of pies, let alone the coins in their coffers. There are a few reasons why entities would want to go to the chameleon, and Ganesh is one of them.

“So… B are you sure about this?”, Sicily said with hesitant confidence.

“We need to find Oath”, B answered sternly. 

Sicily looked at him. She could feel his rage just from his words. Even though it was night, it had become visibly darker as if B was absorbing all the light around them.

“We don’t have to do this”, she uttered. B looked at her with annoyance.

“Sis, if we don’t, they will keep coming, and what haunts me will never leave”, B uttered softly.

“Ok, B, fine, but let’s do it my way”, Sicily gestured.

“Fine…you confident to use the scythe now?” B asked.

“Yeah, it’s getting easy to control, still heavy as ever. Don’t know how you do it. How are the new wings holding up…good…bad?” Sicily asked.

“They feel foreign”.

Sicily and B had gilded down onto the earth but hovered just a few inches above the ground, but their gravity could be felt deeply. They held the position a few meters from the entrance. Directly centred to the doors, seem that would part open to show what would lay ahead, as you could never tell what would be on the other side of the Layline Intersect.


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