I’ll miss this place. – By @AlexTaylorHello

By Alex Taylor

I’ll miss this place.


I’ll miss this place.


2 weeks left. 


Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday we were shuffling into the studio for our first term. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Work on a one-day poster brief and then look forward to learning more about each other at the pub. 


I remember coming in everyday and sitting at the top-left of the staircase. I’d bring in a book and quietly read, sometimes. Talk to Joe C. Maddy. Zoe. Jemma. The original gang. 


I remember watching Tom meditate, every morning, from the big red seat. He wouldn’t sit anywhere else. 


I remember when staying remotely late was around 6. And on a Thursday, that would include Tedj, who’d be buzzing around to create another reflections video. 


And then each Friday almost crying laughing at some cracking SCA sketches.


I remember thinking I’ll probably partner with that Joe bloke. And not the one I’m partnered with. 


I remember looking at the girl dressed all in black with a hat, and not really knowing her name. And definitely not imagining I’d be going to win a pencil with her a couple months later. 


I remember being so disbelieving I was finally here. The best ad school in the world. And these days, I think I take that for granted. It has a place in my heart.


I remember actually making a music video about SCA with Rib. And never having the balls to put it in a reflection slide. It’s still somewhere on his computer.


I remember talking to Joe C about how that Jemma girl is quite a catch. 


I remember seeing Dean drink milk from a cow in week 2. And the terror of having to compete with him. I thought, and still madly believe, he’s utterly brilliant. 


I remember thinking I’d be the funniest ad-maker in the room. I’ve yet to make anything half-way hilarious. 


I remember wondering how the hell I was going to get to grips with illustrator and after effects. I still feel like I’m guessing. 


I remember cheese and wine at Zoe’s house. The four of us on her roof. The laughter that went on for so long it physically hurt our stomachs. Turning up for school the next day with rather suspect hangovers. And it being absolutely okay.


I remember when we had portfolio briefs. And they lasted 2 weeks. 1 for research, 1 for execution.


And now, 2 weeks is all we have left. 


I’ll miss this place.

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