Staying in contact – By @Joebee731

By Joe Colquhoun


Staying in contact


At the start of SCA, last years Alumni told us something that I’ve tried to remember throughout the year. “Do your best to make time for people outside of SCA, towards the end you’ll start relying on them more and more.”

To be fair, I do live with my childhood best friend and his girlfriend. It’s always nice getting back in the evening and having an hour or so to take a break from work and talk about anything besides advertising.

But there are so many people I’ve failed to text back, failed to meet up with despite all the half promises of a less busy schedule next week. Just this morning I bailed on my good friend Rob next Saturday. There’s no way I can spend the entire weekend at the pub, there’s far too much to do and far too little time. I re-arranged for a later date, sometime after I’ve left the school. He was okay about it but I know he was a little disappointed.

Looking back to the start of SCA and my optimism was almost laughable.“Yeah man, moving up to London soon, can’t wait to see you in the evenings. We’ll definitely go for a pint every Wednesday, make it a tradition or something.”

How naive I was, silly silly Joe. SCA, especially towards the end tends to swallow you up. Imagine you’re Jonah and SCA is the big fuck off whale with its giant mouth rushing up around you, there’s nowhere to go, just sea water and Krill. You have to let it happen, not to struggle and hope that you can survive a little longer than 3 days and 3 nights.

A solid 85% of my time is spent thinking about the next campaign, the next idea or what the proposition is. The remaining 15%, dedicated to feeling guilty about not working. It’s a healthy cycle I’m sure you can imagine. This Saturday I actively ignored my brain and slept outside on my hammock for about 3 hours in the sun, I felt reborn. I then spent the rest of the day eating poorly barbecued food and chatting shit with those closest to me. It was a dream.

For those of you coming next year, Marc will stress the importance of seeing your friends and family as often as possible. At the same time, there will be more work than you’ve ever had in your lifetime and it needs to be in for this Friday. You better not fuck it up either, cause your partner is relying on you.

My advice would be this. Do you work and stress about it during the week, when Saturday comes around, have a day off completely. I mean, do nothing relating to work, collect some dots if you’re feeling particularly energetic but most importantly do something with your mates outside of school.

It may seem like an excuse to go drink and talk about simpler times but really they’ll give you the energy you didn’t know you needed.

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