First SCAB from Lucie – By @LuBPontier

By Lucie Pontier



Well, after a third mail from Marc, I feel a little pressure, so I’m going to start !

I confess that I do not really know what I am going to tell you in this few lines but it will come that will come.

First of all, I introduce myself because it is the least, even if you will not remember me : my name is Lucie Pontier, I am 20 years old and I come from the suburbs of Paris, but let’s say I’m from Paris because I don’t think that taking about my neighborhood is very interessting for both of us.


Like you, I’m embarking on this adventure this year. I speak of adventure because for me it really is one! Do not make fun of me, but I do not really know how to cook, I leave most of the time my very nice mother taking care of the household, and as for the supermarket shopping, it’s a term which doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. Well I exaggerate a little, but you see the blakcboard. I have never lived alone, and it scares me a little ! Especially because I leave my cat behind, who is my life partner, my cuddly toy and my best friend.


Beyond loving animals, I also like humans, finally a few. I consider my friends as a real family and having them away from me is going to be very complicated. Even if I know that at the end of the 5months I wouldn’t want to go back to Paris. I say that because during 10 years, I did summercamps to learn English and I have often come to London. It’s a city where I feel myself and I feel good !


Being half Belgian (thanks mummy) make me feeI close to the English especially because of their love for the beer. I promise you that it gathers. I made friends like that and it’s less harmful than cigarettes (unless you want to lose weight, it depends on your fight haha).


I have 100 words left to write, you see, you already know a few things about me. I think it’s a good start. You may have the chance to read more of my adventures? I will tell you about my cursus, a little chaotic before arriving there.


For now, my cure for stress is a good cocktail on the terrace facing the Coliseum. If you want a picture of this beautiful place, just ask me or follow me in Instagram (no, I’m not looking for followers).


I hope you enjoy reading me

See you next time,


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