Technology is healthy – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


Technology is healthy

Coming from a background in cinematography, I used to attach enormous importance to the aesthetic of the message I tried to convey. Simplicity would be sacrificed to achieve what I selfishly assumed as “sexy”. Based on the subject, the production design and the lighting.


Indeed I only considered creating advertising using visuals. I couldn’t get away from formats that had been overexploited for decades.


During the last few months I’m lucky to have met many professionals who have mastered the art of storytelling. They opened my eyes to new ways of engaging an audience and calling it to action. Those that stood out are missionary creators who aim to tempt the consumer away from his comfort zone.


They do so by creating a real physical exchange using new technologies. Whether it’s creating a fluorescent paint that protects cyclists from being run over, or a NFC technology disguised in a silver goose trinket. You notice a two way road building up between the client and its customers. 

They innovate and the horizon seems to widen with such interactive marketing.


I need to relentlessly study and absorb the new formats which are appearing, to find inspiration. This starts by following Laura Jordan Bambach’s advise and getting my ticket for the next Ars Electronica festival. 


Finally like the movie brats that created one of the most revolutionary movements of cinema, the Post Classical Hollywood era. I will follow the lead of these doers and makers who seek to educate and challenge the public.

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