Where do you really see yourself in 6 months time? By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Where do you really see yourself in 6 months time? 


Explaining the Art Director / Copywriter dynamic to anyone unfamiliar with it is always quite funny. A marriage in work is how most people describe it. In that sense, the school is a swingers party of creative affairs. You eventually find the one for you at some point during the year, and stick. By now it seems 50% of the class have settled. My partner and I were one of those. We’d developed our creative process together, and produced work we’re really proud of. Nominated for a D&AD pencil, helped a small agency win a pitch for a major supermarket and been offered a placement at a top agency.

When you ask most creative students where they aspire to be, the same answers often come up time and time again. With fair reason. There are agencies right now that naturally are the most enticing and are winning all the awards under the sun. You do have to question though whether the people naming these agencies really do want to go there, or whether they’re simply repeating what others are saying around them.

My partner and I sat down with each other last week to discuss where we actually really truly see ourselves in 6 months time. Because there’s no point having your foot on the gas if you’re both fighting over the steering wheel. And in fact our goals were really quite different.

There’s only 2 months left of the course. For some reason I feel no panic.

I’m a single art director who’s competent at writing lines. The partnership dynamic was born in the age of print and TV. Teams made up of selected singles seems a more modern way of working.

But I am at a crossroads.

I’m only 21, and haven’t yet had the experience of travelling. I was born in Vancouver, and have always had an urge to spend time in the US or Canada. There are a number of agencies in the states that would be a dream to work at. I’ve also been told that singles are a lot more common that side of the North of Atlantic. Though I’m aware of the difficulties of visas and sponsorships.

I’m also in London. Probably the best city to be in for advertising right now. With most of the world’s best creative directors here too. Teams are by far the preferred option. London’s a fantastic city and it makes sense to stay financially and logistically.

So for anyone reading this SCAB who lives in the states or Canada or knows people in agencies there who may be able to shine some light on this for me then please get in touch. If you don’t, I’ll probably be seeking you out anyway.

Do I grit my teeth in London and be patient?

Do I leave for a placement across seas and then return to London as a more rounded international creative?

Do American agencies prefer taking on singles from overseas than teams, as singles are cheaper with less paperwork? Or is that irrelevant?

Am I being stupid, stop wasting time and get a partner now?

My twitter is: @ethanbennett94

My email is:

Please get in touch, I’m not asking for a placement, just clarity on what goal I should be driving towards – and if I can send you my work.

For now, I’m going to flirt around and join back in the SCA swingers party. Build a new book and get crits as usual.

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