The Perfect Pen – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


The Perfect Pen


It’s been a great week. 

It has felt like an accumulation of everything learnt at SCA so far.

As well as confirmation that SCA is the right place to be.

Being in agency, working on live briefs a far but fabulous cry from where I was last year.  I feel inspired and motivated for the last 10 weeks or so.

Since D&AD things seem to make more sense to me.  I feel like my internal idea scoring device has improved in accuracy.  So I kind of know when I’m just polishing a turd.  Move on, get a better strategy.  I ask myself, is it saying anything new?  Is that going to make people jealous?  Does it make you laugh?  Is there a human truth?  Is there a product truth? Would you want to present that to your favourite CD?  If not, then don’t put it in the book.  Often I think we know, but we don’t want to admit it for fear of not finding anything better.  But fact is, there is something better and if you don’t find it, someone else will and we all know that hurts way more.

To counter all that self-certification, I’ve also learnt not to be precious when executing, yes kill your babies but also if you have an idea, get it down.  I’m guessing this is why marc tells us to Scamp everyday.  In your brain everything can make sense, on paper it might not, but equally it might.  And if it does, once it’s down and in your book, its do much easier to start making it better.  You could have an idea on the cusp of greatness in your head, but if it stays there it won’t ever be great.

I’ve also seen this week, that how people see you, will affect what they share with you.  Two good friends have offered me opportunities: I’ve been to watch England at Wembley, got a free holiday to Ibiza, some live briefs and me and Larry even had a meeting with an investor to discuss an idea (don’t ask).  And it’s funny because the reason is SCA. From being at SCA my friends see me differently or more what I can do (which isn’t a lot by the way but don’t tell them!).  I guess it’s kind of sad in a way, to think that there are people out there that can do all sorts of things but they will never get to do them.  But that’s one of the best things about SCA, it gives people that opportunity, the chance to be seen. 

But anyway now to the really important stuff and original purpose of this blog post, so tough luck on the Hollywood ending.  BOOOOM  jarring change of tone.  My other major learning from the week is about pens.  Sharpie seem to have a monopoly over SCA and I’m sure much of the industry.  And I’ve no idea why.  We were given Pentel Pen N50 and N60 markers whilst on placement.  And they are so much better.  They flow better, they look better, they smell much better, they last longer, they don’t dry out, easy to vary thickness.  So yeah, make sure to try them out and then hopefully we can fill the studio with suffocating vapours that may cause drowsiness and dizziness, forcing everyone to get out of the studio, and thus improving creative output all-round.  I thank you please.


Ps.  If using Pentel please be cautious of irritation to skin and serious damage to eyes

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