My first day at SCA

The big day had come. Last night was the day before my first day, and I was shitting it. I hadn’t quite got my head around the fact that I was going back to school. What. On. Earth. Was. I. Doing. 

Anxious thoughts raced around my brain about who I was going to meet, when we’d be set our first brief, what Marc was like, (if he’d actually thrown that student’s mug across the room I’d heard about from a friend of a friend of a friend…he did by the way), what the work was like. You know the classic washing machine thoughts that whirl around your brain on a spin cycle? 

This morning arriving at Pop Brixton to find a crowd of lovely friendly people chatting away eager for the gates to open immediately put my mind at ease. I discovered that every single student is from such different walks of life and had stumbled upon SCA a different way. Like me, everyone is a little bit scared of doing something wildly different from the herds of boring people outside of advertising. People’s past lives range from Deliveroo drivers to lawyers and people are aged 18-47. Sick environment.

We stepped into Pop Brixton at 9am and were greeted by Marc with a glass of champagne. I’d come to the right place. This was myyyyy kindaaa school. After a morning of staff introductions, we were given a tonne of advice on how to survive the year. Felt a bit like prepping us for the Hunger Games. Invaluable stuff. Something that stuck with me was the importance of impressions. 80% of all communication is non-verbal so you’re always being judged. Harsh reality. But then Marc drilled home the fact we should all be ourselves as we were here for a reason, that reason being we are insanely creative, always nice to hear. Who doesn’t love an ego boost?

After getting to know the other students at lunch, a little shock came our way. It was time for our first brief. We had to write a song about everything we’d learnt that morning and record it and then present it in two hours’ time. The whole room went fuccckkk. Brutal. A feeling I’m sure we’re gonna get used to in this place. Fortunately for me, I was in my element. Like a little kid in a playground excited to get going. As a musician and singer, think I had an advantage, but I wasn’t complaining. These two hours were very pressured. Quickly, the two hours were up. Some people rapped, some people sang, some people clicked, some people spoke. I discovered singing isn’t most people’s forte, but writing certainly is. Someone’s rendition of The Prince of Bel Air put DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince to shame. The point was, everyone did it. Everyone stepped out their comfort zone, and everyone swallowed their pride.

My first day at SCA was so much fun and I’m buzzing for the rest of my time here. I have heard from previous students this place gives you a back bone, a backbone made of stone, that is. I’m expecting many more surprise briefs sprung on us, and many more emotional challenges. Better get practising mindfulness. Already downloaded Gratitude Garden (Marc’s fave). But I’m absolutely in my element and cannot wait to get going. Let’s smash this year!


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