Just do it @sakeo94

By Clara Bonfanti

I take the opportunity of this Scab to talk about something that concerns – almost – everyone. Some people love it, some others hate it, some others are squarely addicted to it and some others just don’t care about it. Liking it or not is not something you can really choose since you can’t choose your tastes. But you can work on it and if you force yourself enough, you may finally be able – to kind of – like it. Everyone told me they didn’t like it first as well, but then they got used to it and they were finally starting to really enjoy it. But I used to hate it so much, it was unimaginable for me to be able to like it one day. I mean the smell and the taste were horrible. Forcing me was just impossible.

My parents were quite addicted to it and I had to smell it every morning. It was a nightmare, I really couldn’t stand it. That’s how I developed a kind of rejection to it, like if it was the worst possible thing ever. When I became older, my friends started to have some at school and then at work. My rejection was getting worst: none of them brushed their teeth afterward, so their breath kept this horrible smell, giving me disgust and even worse, nausea.

I tried it many times. I even changed the type and add some other stuff in it. But it was still unbearable. How could people enjoy it? That was the question I asked myself every day.

One day, I started SCA. Everything was fine, until a few weeks ago where I started to be really tired during the day. Like really really tired. It was not because I found the school boring and uninteresting. On the contrary, everything was so appealing and entertaining, my brain needed to work at 300% of its capacity. I used to drink tea every morning but it quickly became useless. I needed something stronger. Something that would keep me fully awake and efficient for many hours. I resisted the first weeks, but as the days were passing by, the amount of work was increasing and my fatigue was getting worse. I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to do it if I wanted to have enough energy to survive at SCA and to produce efficient work. This is how I drank my first real coffee ever.

What a day. It was so disgusting, I almost threw up. It was even worse than I remembered. But I didn’t stop. I kept drinking until the last sip. I had to. And then, magic happened. I passed the whole day with more energy than I had the last few weeks. I had a huge headache as well, but it was just some nice side effects.

The days after, I kept drinking one coffee per day, still trying to get used to it. And then two or even three. I am not a big fan yet, but I am not as disgusted as I was before, so that’s progress.

All this to say, sometimes you have to force yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Of course it depends on the matter, but in this case, it was the right thing to do. Now I’m ready to finish the semester more energetic as ever until the day coffee will become ineffective.

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