Working on a new word for death on Christmas Day – By @lastwordstyped

By Darius Rodrigues


Working on a new word for death on Christmas Day

I worry that when my grandchildren die, as they sit in the waiting room all black or all white, instead of being ransacked with hallucinations and fake deities, they will be faced by a world of three-dot buffering signs?

Life didn’t fall out of you
And make your cheek flatten
That was your ability to live
In the way that we understand as living
If breath and open eyes are what makes the living common

And so, you are dead, mother And now I have a dead mother Though I don’t have you
So I had a living mother

Who I no longer have I lost a living mother

Passed away is bullshit
People say it because it sounds better than died You could say left us
Or joined them
We don’t know who they are
So we say left us
But essentially, your life ended
And if it began by being born
It ended by being dead
Began by becoming
Ended by ending

But the opposite of become
Is to remain, stagnate (apparently)
You stopped becoming,
You stopped coming into new beings,
You stopped growing,
What is the opposite of become?
The opposite of grow, evolve
Is to cease, to stop
You stopped evolving,
You stopped growing,
You stopped living,
And so, you are dead
And so, you can only live if you grow, if you evolve,

You had not yet lived,

You became,
You lived, or evolved,
You stopped being alive, And so you are now dead.


To become living

To shift from not living to living

To start to be living

You shifted from living to not living again

When someone is not yet born, it is a hopeful thing

What is ‘to end to be living’?

Be and come

Come is to arrive to assemble to appear

The most obvious is go

She has become

When she was born, she became

When she died,

Hold on what is this – goes back to older problem of when she was died? When she was deathed?

2015 problem, ask me about it – He lives his deaths he deaths his lives he lives his deaths his deaths he lives

Comes from the complex – 200 lives, he lives. 200 deaths, he deaths.

Half resolved in Dud Blood earlier this year, ask me about it – Like anyone alive, Dr. Faktencheck is also dead.

What is the present tense form of dead? He is dead. He is deading. Deathing. When she was deathed, she begoed.

She was born, she became, she lived, she dived? DIVED

(Before and after state) She was unborn she was dead (The change in state of existence) She became, she begoed (Which way are you heading?) She lived she dived

She was unborn, she became, she lived, she dived, she begoed, she was dead.

She was unborn, she became, she lived and she dived, she begoed, she was dead.

Is that the right way?

All of this red zig zaggy tape makes me feel good like I’m making a difference.

She was non. She became. She lived and she dived. She begoed. She was dead.

We don’t say unborn children are dead do we? That would be hopeless. We don’t tag a not yet human with something are non-existant as that.

She was non. She became. She lived and she dived. She begoed. She was non.

Surely now you see she is not dead? Sure, she is non. Her living and diving is over. But like an unborn child, she is waiting to become. Like an unborn child, I expect her again, she is in a present tense.

I’m not even completely happy with become or bego, it assumes our state of existence, as it is the only one we know, to be the superior one to whatever lies before and after (in the sense that it could just as easily be the other way around – she begoed then she became – here we are at the cyclical). In the same way that she left us or she passed away is arrogant.

Still unresolved, but here is an ending. I had a living mother. I do not have a living mother any more but nor do I have a dead one, as I do not have her at all. I have her artefacts, her handwriting and smell, I have what my body and mind holds of her lives and dives. I am fine with that, she believed in a certain kind of magic, and always taught me that red lines were the ones that you should cross.

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