Advice for Term One – By @alexbottner_

By Alex Bottner



Advice for Term One



Last Friday, we each did a reflection slide on what advice we’d pass on. 


My name landed on Term One. 


My advice? Have fun.


I took myself way too seriously in term one. The first couple of ‘briefs’ in term one are really designed to get you thinking creatively, to have fun, and to work with lots of different people.


I guess I felt the pressure of the course being less than a year long and leaving my job for it. I felt that I had to nail everything right away, and ended up overthinking and blocking myself creatively. 


I remember we were asked to come up with an imaginary animal and I genuinely remember stressing over presenting it… I’d kill to have that workload now.


Take time to go out, go to museums, and enjoy life before things start getting crazy in Term 2.


Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not getting things right away.


As Pete, one of our mentor’s says, ‘the course is designed to break you down and build you up again.’


You will learn a whole new way of thinking that you didn’t know about before. Sometimes you’ll hit success and things will just click, and other times, you will fail and fail again. It’s all normal.


If you were amazing at advertising, you’d be doing it already without the school.


In a nutshell, relax and take it easy before things get crazy busy. 

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