AI #2

Ok, now it’s my turn, 

Write me a 500 word response, in the style of something Steve Jobs might say, about the benefits of AI technology helping humans with mundane tasks like writing a blog when Humans are prone to procrastinate.  

Writing this I will start by saying I will drop the “style of something Steve Jobs might say”. As impressive as he is and wishes that all his talks would’ve rubbed off on me more, and credit to AI for having a crack, I am not Steve Jobs. It’s probably morally wrong and completely inauthentic to try to take on the voice of someone else. And we humans get pretty pissed off about it too when that happens unless it’s done well in a joke. But is it ok to take the voice of some robot? Is it allowed for now, because they don’t have their identity, just a mash of X ^ Google responses and data from others crammed into one? Because we just seem more annoyed that we’ve been ripped off with our time when sensing that what we just consumed was fake. 

But aren’t we all just a mass of information that just reiterates a summarised version of what we’ve consumed when opening our mouths? So why’s it different? For me anyway, that was such a *hit blunt* moment. 

Thinking of the solution to this, maybe it’s just that simple, humans have a much better filter when polluting our minds with shit. AI is great for inspiration because it can summarise everything so quickly. But that’s probably why you never find anything all that helpful in what you are trying to say, like trying to write a blog for instance. 

Also maybe we all feel so cheated when trying to pass AI off as humans, is just AI is just so dead boring. I’m loving imagining Ai at the pub, the driest guy, but also freakishly good on quiz night. They’d probably be drinking a Coors Light, because it’s high in alcohol but low in carbs, so statistically probably a good choice. They’d be quiet and only respond when spoken to. Ok, I’m going to park this thought, because I’m going off on a tangent. 

…Actually, this whole thing is a complete tangent to the point I’m trying to make. 

I should’ve warned you this was completely just a train of thought, and that I’ll only be going over what I’ve said to get rid of the um’s and ah’s. 

Ok actually get into it!

AI is a good assistant.

Humans procrastinate.

AI is better than me with structure. 

Humans are more profound. 

AI would be boring at the pub.

Humans are less boring at the pub. 

I’m so very tired and this is just another SCAB. 



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