Time management self check in – By @Vick_Smithyy

Time management self check in

The past 2 weeks checklist:

  • Finish portfolio brief 2 by going to Brixton to pick up a mic, film some content, create some visuals and create a case study video.
  • Start portfolio brief 3 with a different partner
  • 3 mini briefs
  • This scab due
  • Master classes
  • 18 children to photograph
  • 18 children’s photographs to edit
  • 1 newborn to photograph
  • 1 newborn session to edit
  • 1 cake smash session to photograph
  • 1 cake smash session to edit
  • 2 family birthdays
  • Create some Facebook ads
  • Reply to facebook messages
  • Confirm wedding details of a client
  • Confirm slots for following week

Unpredictable things that happened whilst trying to be time savvy:

  • Cracked the roof in my studio so had to fix it before the British weather took hold
  • Lost my tripod when my train was due so had to find it and miss the train
  • Deal with an angry neighbour
  • Went to the post office only for it to be closed

These last two weeks have tested my time management skills to the limit. I have never experienced so much to do in such a short time. I was beating myself up wondering why I was struggling to keep my head above the water. However, reflecting back I am reminding myself that this is a full time course and I am also trying to keep my business alive. There are only 24 hours in a day. I am trying to stop myself experiencing the dreaded burn out that so many preach about yet continue to do time after time.

Fridays are a strange day in SCA. It’s judgment day. I am working towards it being the day of celebration of a win.I got a taste of it with a mini brief, but I think everyone would agree it would taste so much sweeter for a portfolio brief. 

However this week the scoring hurt a bit more. I had promised my nephews a hot chocolate from Costa (anyone who knows anyone with autism would know that it’s best to stick to a promise!). I spent our time together on my phone waiting for the results and waiting for my feedback. We didn’t win, our feedback was alright. Some good, some bad. But what hurt was the time I had just lost.

I feel I managed my workload well these last 2 weeks. I got all my work in on time to a level I was proud of. I got all my clients pictures out to them and received good reviews. But something that hasn’t sat well with me is that I didn’t manage my personal time. I physically did what I promised but I wasn’t there mentally. I’m lucky that I see my nephews a lot however that time with just us in Costa is now forever lost.  I managed 1 trip to the gym and 1 walk with a friend instead of our usual 3-4 times a week. I had 1 enjoyable meal with my boyfriend but the rest were rushed so I could get back to work. I’ve had to start telling my mum to tell her daily stories “in one line” or “in 1 minute” so that I can attend a shoot or call.

Moving forward, I am going to use these last couple of weeks as a reminder for balance. I need to remember that the dreaded burnout is scary but missing special moments with close ones is scarier.

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