Have a day off  – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Have a day off 

Why does work feel more important than friends? Why am I apologising, feeling guilty I haven’t been in touch ? 

This school makes you dependant, you either give up everything or float along beside everyone else. 

They say you can balance your life by working smart and not working hard, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds. I feel like the barriers that prevent smart working from being done are purely mental. This is from the work state of mind we are learning.

This school makes you dependant. Dependant on your partner, dependant on your ideas and dependant on your skill. We can’t be dependant on anything if we want to be the best you truly can be.

Don’t to look left or right, invest in some blinkers and focus on the goal in front of you.

Everyone knows personally where they are at. We have been in the same room developing together for a long time and pennies are beginning to drop. 

This competitive nature is healthy but only to an extent. 

You never feel like you are doing enough, this feels like you are walking in mud. You feel like time is the enemy and forget how to enjoy it. You feel ideas are intangible, what does this word even mean. 

Rewards, we get a pat on the back for a good bit of work but it’s not noted or remembered or graded. This isn’t the same as school. 

I can’t physically see my progression. But I’m sure from the outside it’s clear. This is what makes time the enemy and it’s painful. It’s a work state of mind we have been developing and this can’t be graded.

We are our harshest critic and this is what this school hardwires into our brains. We are just forced to stand on our own two feet.

Grow some longer arms and give yourself a hug. 

Tell the voice inside your head to have a day off. 

This routine is making you think about yourself more than anyone else and it’s time to stop.

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