Dogs – By @AndrewBurrell87

By Andy Burrell




A dog doesn’t care if you’re carrying a few extra pounds or if you’ve woken up with a spot on your nose.

They don’t care if you own a yacht or if you have to have a beans on toast day every week to make your money last.

A dog doesn’t mind what football team you support, though you can be certain that they’ll be there with you to celebrate the last minute winners and to console you after the devastating defeats.

A dog doesn’t care if you voted leave or remain – that’s not how they will define you.

A dog won’t show much interest in how many Facebook friends you have, though they’d love to meet anyone you love.

A dog has no need for artisan bread and they won’t take much interest in where you buy your coffee.

A dog doesn’t think having the latest phone is all that important and the label on your shoes doesn’t mean anything to them – dogs can’t read.

Anyway, such things are mere trivialities when compared to a good stick.

A dog will know when you’re feeling down.

They won’t judge you or pressure you but they will want to be there for you.

When a dog is scared they’ll look to you for reassurance, and if they misbehave they’ll rely on you to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong.

A dog can be like a child.

There will be times when you feel like you’re talking to a plant pot for all the good it’s doing.

They will test your patience.

You will say things twenty times and wonder why they don’t sink in.

A dog doesn’t understand lie-ins or lazy Sundays.

A dog doesn’t understand what it means to be house-proud.

Dogs smell sometimes.

During a dog’s lifetime you will go to weddings, supermarkets, birthday parties, hospitals, meetings, job interviews and funerals.

You can’t take a dog to most of those things.

Dogs love being out in the fresh air.

Some dogs will walk and walk and walk and walk.

Being outside can do wonders for your soul.

Whether you can walk a mile, run a marathon or even if you can’t walk at all, the right dog can fit in with however your life works.


Unless you are going to leave that dog alone all day, day after day, hour after hour, as the clock tick-tocks, with only the box for company.

Just don’t do that.
If you get a dog you will be the best friend it will ever have.


The copy scores 87.5 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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